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kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,831 Cryptic Developer
Remaking this thread as the old one is outdated and no longer maintained.
Old thread can be found here.

This is a directory for Champions online Supergroups. Please use this format when posting:

Name: Name of your Supergroup
Website: Address of your website / forums
Category: ie: Hardcore, Casual, RP heavy, etc
Age Req: ie: 16+, 18+, etc
Vent / Teamspeak: Do you own a personal Vent / TS server?
Special Reqs: ie: must be a robot ninja vegetarian, etc
Do you PvP? Self explanatory
Do you run 5mans / etc? Self explanatory
Personal Taboos: Zero tolerance for foul language, etc
Contact Info & Primary Timezone @name only please. & 3 Letter Timezone Code (ie: PST/EST/GMT/etc)
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  • epeleskerepelesker Posts: 303 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Aaaah! First.

    Name: Eternals Incorporated (in-game designate: Eternals Inc.)
    Website: http://the-eternals.com/
    Category: Casual, RP-focused
    Age Req: None, but a sufficient level of maturity is expected.
    Vent / Teamspeak: Teamspeak, optional
    Special Reqs: Characters should be inspired by classic superhero tropes and archetypes (Silver / Bronze Age comics) in both look and concept. Interested players must fill out an application on the website.
    Do you PvP? No.
    Do you run 5mans / etc? RP-permitting, but no focus.
    Personal Taboos:Outright clones, dark psychological themes, and those with criminal pasts probably won't be a good fit for this SG.
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @epelesker (PST)
    Heroic Roleplayer @epelesker | PRIMUS Database Moderator | Brigade Advocate
  • chaelkchaelk Posts: 7,732 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    second , third and fourth and fifth
    These are mostly a few friends plus the odd extra people
    we're in opposite timezomes but also work opposite hours so, it's when we can get on together we go round Rping during missions.

    all three groups interact with each other,(the fourth is carefully watched) they are just sorted by age/job.

    Name: Fuzzballs Unite
    Website: None
    Category: The kid characters from me and a few friends, it's their club
    Age Req: character age only
    Vent / Teamspeak: no
    Special Reqs: child character
    Do you PvP?mo
    Do you run 5mans / etc? mo
    Personal Taboos: ERP is forbidden
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone no

    (yes tribute to Douglas Adams)
    Name:Draco Gekko's Holistic detective agency
    Website: None
    Category: casual, rp
    Age req: none, only character background.
    Vent: No
    Special requirements: .Adult characters in the detective agency. Human, fae and alien. must be willing to RP while going round doing missions. (We have our own universe which joins on)
    PvP: NO
    Personal Taboos :NO ERP
    Name: Darke's Carnival
    Website: none
    Vent: None
    Category: casual , rp.
    Age req: none
    Special req: fae attached to the Carnival run by Ezekiel Darke.(currently wintering in Westside)Most are entertainers. This is actually a Travelling fae court, it is not grim, dark, that just happens to be his name.
    PvP: no
    Personal Taboos :NO ERP

    Name : League of Leftovers L.O.L.
    There's super heroes, there's everyday heroes, there's normal people, then there's us.
    Website: none
    Vent: none
    Category:casual, rp.
    Age req: None
    Special req: character must be a dud.
    current examples;Junkyard dog- insane cyber pomeranian,, Major Nuisance- villain getting heroes portrayed as villains, Piddles the wonder dog- just read the name and work it out.,
    Stuffing up Freeform builds since Mid 2011

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  • deadman20deadman20 Posts: 1,531 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Name: The Iron Wolves
    Website: Currently Unavailable
    Category: Casual, Medium RP, Game Assistance.
    Age Req: None
    VOIP: Raidcall "CO - The Iron Wolves"
    Special Reqs: None
    Do you PvP?: Optionally
    Do you run 5mans / etc?: Yes
    Personal Taboos: None... for now. Just make sure to use your common sense.
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone: @DZPlayer122 - CST

    I am seeking out additional officers to help maintain the group. If you're interested in a position, let me know.

    We're built around helping players find their way around the game. Whether that be getting them the best information we can provide, helping them defeat a nasty villain which prevents them from progressing, or providing the right gear to empower their abilities, we do our best to push fellow heroes forward.

    For those that like to Roleplay; The Iron Wolves started out as a small band of rouge Manimals and VIPER experiments from Monster Island. After nearing its extinction, it was brought back as a small Private Army. The Iron Wolves now have resources devoted to empowering newcomer heroes and have made advancements in their own technology.

    Go ahead, it won't hurt you to come run with the wolves for a bit!


    Name: Pack Rat Storage Services
    Website: None
    Category: Free Banking and Pack Mule Service
    Age Req: None
    VOIP: None
    Special Reqs: None
    Do you PvP?: No
    Do you run 5mans / etc?: No
    Personal Taboos: Asking for a SG Invite
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone: @DZPlayer122 - CST

    The Pack Rat Storage Services are available as an alternative way to banking! Items given to the Pack Rat are stored away for the player so they can retrieve it whenever they wish. Pack Rat can even stick with you as a personal pack mule so you don't have to carry anything while out fighting! These services are 100% free, and items will never be given to someone you don't want having them.

    No, you can't actually join the SG, but services are open to everyone.
    Steam Guide to Modifications and Equipment (Champions Online) - DZPlayer's Builds (Last updated: 3/26/2018)
    And I will always be @DZPlayer122.

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  • gerberatetragerberatetra Posts: 821 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Name:The Blackwatch Defenders

    Website: http://newblackwatchdefenders.shivtr.com/

    Category: RP heavy

    Age Req
    : 18+

    Vent: Yes

    Special Reqs: Superheroes

    Do you PvP? Not as a group

    Do you run 5mans / etc? Occasionally

    Personal Taboos: No villains, monsters or killer vigilantes

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone 12am to 12pm CST --- @BZGarea @God_of_War_Ares @Lochehart @forgemccain

    Here we are now going to the West Side
    Weapons in hand as we go for a ride
    Some may come and some may stay
    Watching out for a sunny day
    Where there's love and darkness and my sidearm

    In game as @forgemccain
  • stellariodragonstellariodragon Posts: 588 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Name: Brute Squad
    Website: http://brutesquad.shivtr.com/
    Primus Entry http://primusdatabase.com/index.php?title=Brute_Squad
    Category: Casual, RP, Bear/Bara/Gay
    Age Req: 18+
    Vent / Teamspeak: None
    Special Reqs: Members must have at least one bara/bearish male character in-game
    PvP: None
    5 Man Runs: Occasionally
    Taboos: Members are required to be gay-friendly, that is they refrain from the use of casual anti-gay slurs, remain relaxed in conversations about same-sex attraction, refrain from reminding us of their sexual orientation every time same-sex attraction becomes tangentially implied in conversation, etc. Also, chat should be PG or lower.
    Contact & Timezone: @xwizx33 PST
    Channel /Brutes

    We're a loosely-organized group of fellas who like shooting each other with draysha pistols and admiring each other's manly characters. Members typically have 0-5 alts in the supergroup but usually chat in the /Brutes channel while playing Champions Online. We usually keep conversation lite and keep heavy roleplay separate from group chat but we do talk about our character concepts and RP does go on privately between members.
  • rexcelestisrexcelestis Posts: 194 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Name: The Offspring

    The Offspring have closed.
  • maleb666maleb666 Posts: 358 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Name: Irmandade das Sombras
    Website: Currently Unavailable
    Cetegory: Brazilian SG
    Age Req: 15+
    Vent / Teamspeak: No
    Special Reqs: Must be Brazilian or Portuguese (with rare exceptions)
    Do you PvP? Not mandatory, but some members do
    Do you run 5mans / etc?: On occasion, and we do Costume Contests
    Personal Taboos: Trolls
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @Mal666 - Usually from 9am till 9pm ST
  • stergasterga Posts: 2,353 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Name: Flawless

    Website: Website - Forum Post
    Category: Casual, light and mature RP, laid-back, creativity, costume contests, alt-addicts
    Age Req: Mature / adults

    Vent / Teamspeak: No
    Special Reqs: Don't be a jerkface. Fill out the application.

    Do you PvP? No
    Do you run 5mans / etc? Sometimes we do Alert night. Rampages, not so much, but I can get you into the channel. Just ask someone if you want to group up.
    Personal Taboos: Being a scumbag.

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone: @riviania, form on the website, Steam - Mostly US Time Zones
    YouTube - Steam - Twitter
    [at]riviania Member since Aug 2009
  • vitalityprimevitalityprime Posts: 478 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Name: Delta
    Website: Delta Website
    Primus Database: Delta PDB
    Category: RP Medium
    Age Req: 18+
    Vent / Teamspeak: None
    Special Reqs: Level 40; Concept Driven Characters (We're not currently recruiting)
    Do you PvP? Not a Requirement
    Do you run 5mans / etc? Yes
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @VitalityPrime (EST) @Ozlone (EST/PST) @MattGeo (EST) @mornmist (PST)

    "Nearly all men can withstand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

    -Abraham Lincoln-
  • xcaligaxxcaligax Posts: 1,096 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Name: Conquer
    Website: PRIMUS Database
    Category: Casualcore
    Age Req: 18+, exceptions through short interview
    Vent / Teamspeak: Yes
    Special Reqs: Above average grasp of gameplay mechanics and knowledge
    Do you PvP? Sometimes
    Do you run 5mans / etc? Yes, and able to run full SG rampages ( 10 mans )
    Personal Taboos: Display common sense/courtesy
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @notyuu, @Nepht, @Silverspar, @ssgoldus. Eastern Time Zone.
  • iamruneiamrune Posts: 964 Arc User
    edited April 2016
    Name: Silver Age Sentinels
    Website: Silverage.enjin.com
    Category: Casual, RP lite, Social
    Age Req: 16+
    Vent / Teamspeak: Nothing, but not against exploring it at some point
    Special Reqs: Classic Heroes preferred, grimdark discouraged
    Do you PvP? Not really
    Do you run 5mans / etc? occasional, but casually.
    Personal Taboos: Zero tolerance for disrespect to all. No trolls. Prefer cunning linguists. Poor grammar mocked. ;-p [that's a joke there.] :biggrin:
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @Rune Central Time evenings and nights
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  • chalupaoffurychalupaoffury Posts: 2,553 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Name: The Firewatch Initiative
    Website: None yet. I'm a lazy butt.
    Category: Casual, RP lite, Social, Costume Contests, PVE.
    Age Req: None. We've got all kinds.
    Vent / Teamspeak: Nope. We do have an SG channel though.
    Special Reqs: We have an SG uniform that's requested if you're helping with costume contests. No villains, but anti heroes and gray areas are fine. We will give a quick interview to new prospects, making sure you'll fit in with the group. There's also a 1 week probationary period, to be sure everything's smooth.
    Do you PvP? Not as an SG, but a few of us do for fun. We duel a lot.
    Do you run 5mans / etc? Yep. Odds are, if you log in on any given day, you'll bump into a few of us during your adventures.
    Personal Taboos: Grammar, although a few of us make exceptions (english isn't your first language, etc). Don't be a jerkface, especially while wearing our colors. Our rep comes from the behavior of our members, and we take that fact seriously. We're social first and foremost, so drama *will* get you in trouble. We're a tight group, and we all treat each other with the kinda respect that comes from being friends for years. As long as you show the same respect, we'll be golden. :)
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @eviltaco , @randomchance42 , @glass-rose . Eastern and Mountain, but we're kinda all over the map.
    In game, I am @EvilTaco. Happily killing purple gang members since May 2008.
    RIP Caine
  • ace10007ace10007 Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Name: Heavy Artillery
    Website: [url] http://www.ha-guildhall.com/ [/url]
    Category: Casual / all styles of gameplay
    Age Req: 16+
    Vent / Teamspeak: N/A
    Special Reqs: Active Social Players
    Do you PvP? Yes
    Do you run 5mans: Yes
    Personal Taboos: No rude language and behavior
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone: @AceMcCloud1007 / EST & CET
    Notes: Weekly & monthly events, raffles, member rewards. PVE and RP friendly.

    Ingame under @AceMcCloud1007 leader of Heavy Artillery.

  • heatherbelheatherbel Posts: 48 Arc User
    edited October 2014
    Name: The Ultimate Guardians
    Website: http://www.shadaree.dk/ultimateguardians/index.php
    Category: Role-playing (medium to heavy)
    Age Req: None
    Vent / Teamspeak: No
    Special Reqs: Must be heroic
    Do you PvP? No
    Do you run 5mans / etc? Rarely
    Personal Taboos: No antiheroes or overly dark characters
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @ujjjezebel (CDT), @seanobrien76 (PST), @LordArgon35 (EST), and @Creaoc (CET)
  • themightyzeniththemightyzenith Posts: 4,599 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    Name: Society of Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen (SoDLaG for short).

    Website: We have a facebook page. Details given once you join the SG.

    Category: Gold and Silver players, from casual to very active, social, costume contests, PVE, character concepts and builds.

    Age Req: We have a wide range of ages in the SG.

    Special Reqs: We communicate in SG chat in English. A short interview to see if you will fit into the SG and a 1 week probationary period before achieving 'Member' status. Advancement in the SG is based on being social, helpful and active, there is no other criteria.

    Do you PvP? Not as an SG, but many members dabble in this.

    Do you run 5mans / etc? Not in a formal way but you'll find us doing these fairly regularly.

    Personal Taboos: Causing drama is a big no-no in SoDLaG. Trolling and being a jerk to the general CO community is also not tolerated. If it says "Distinguished" under your name then act it.

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @milleniumguardian @thebax (if not online, send a mail and we will get back to you). As far as timezones go, we're a global Supergroup.
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    Click here to check out my costumes/milleniumguardian (MG) in-game/We need more tights, stances and moods
  • plainsdrifterplainsdrifter Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    Name: Project Hecate

    Website: http://projecthecate.shivtr.com/

    Category: Casual, light/medium RP

    Age Req: None, but a mature attitude expected

    Vent / Teamspeak: No

    Special Reqs: Toons can be range/melee like soldiers, swords, archers, ninjas or what have you. Also, we are looking for magic-based characters like witches/wizards, monstrous types, angels or anything in the mystical realm. OR, you can combine any of these (I'd love to have a pistol packin' pixie on the squad! :biggrin:).

    Do you PvP? Optional, depending on the interests of the group as a whole.

    Do you run 5mans / etc? We are going to focus on 5-person missions and adventure packs, with an emphasis on RP as a part of the missions.

    Personal Taboos: Must be drama-free and respectful of the other members of the group.

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone: @plainsdrifter, CST Timezone.
  • emmiblazeemmiblaze Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    Name: Paragon Dawn

    Website: Paragondawn.com

    Category: Casual, lite RP, PVE, XP/level grind, fun gamers, blue humor.

    Age Requirement: 18+ mature players please.

    Vent / Teamspeak: No

    Special Requirements: Age requirement, please be respectful of others and represent the SG with pride.

    Do you PvP?: Your choice. We don't usualy PvP, but you are always free to play how you like.

    Do you run 5mans / etc?: We try to team up on a regular basis. Alert teams, Adventure Packs, etc.

    Personal Taboos: Harassing other SG members, immature behavior, vault raiders, general rudeness and beggars will not be tolerated.

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone: All timezones. Contact @emmiblaze, @sovereignjustice, @huntingrose, @codewar65 or @themadvyking for info and invites.
  • khaellioskhaellios Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited July 2015

    Edit: No longer relevant.
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    PRIMUS Database - Black Ice | Jinn | Artos
  • crashjrivecrashjrive Posts: 47 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    Name: Andromeda Brigade

    Website: PRIMUS Database - Andromeda Brigade (Under Construction)

    Category: Casual, RP heavy, PvE

    Age Req: Just be mature.

    Vent / Teamspeak: N/A

    Special Reqs: Characters must fit with the concept of the team, one of them being the ability to create constructs and shields through magical armor/accessories. Power color is orange, gold, or red and must be a hero.

    Do you PvP? Up to the player.

    Do you run 5mans / etc? Yes.

    Personal Taboos: Other than the obvious, don't create invincible characters. Anyone is welcome. :)

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone: @Fire_Eagle, Eastern Timezone
  • warblade87warblade87 Posts: 78 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Name: Blackguard

    Website: http://theblackguard.shivtr.com

    Category: Medium-Heavy RP

    Age Req: 16+

    Vent / Teamspeak: Not at this time.

    Special Reqs: Must read and be willing to adhere to our codes of conduct and have a comic book look (Tights, robot, monster, ect)

    Do you PvP? We leave that up to the Players

    Do you run 5mans / etc? Absolutely, and we can do it IC if you'd like.

    Personal Taboos: Code of Conduct covers a lot of it. http://theblackguard.shivtr.com/foru...or_unread=true

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @name only please. & 3 Letter Timezone Code (ie: PST/EST/GMT/etc) 1730-2300 EST feel free to contact [email protected]_raiko
  • spiderdude4spiderdude4 Posts: 87 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Name: Nexus Force

    Website: http://nexusforce.enjin.com/home

    Category: Medium-Heavy RP

    Age Req: None established, but maturity is expected

    Vent / TeamSpeak: Not officially, but we use Skype very often for both in and out of game conversations.

    Special Reqs: Concept-wise we are very flexible. But the character concept must be coherent and within the realms of Super-Hero Logic. Characters must also be at least slightly morally flexible

    Do you PvP?: No

    Do you run 5mans / etc?: On occasion, especially when the instance can be used to host an RP event.

    Personal Taboos: I think this covers it; http://nexusforce.enjin.com/forum/m/7841398/viewthread/4301460-ooc-rules

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone: We have members all over the world, but we usually coordinate event times using EST. You may contact @Hope1 or @The-Mighty-One

    @Hope1 ingame. PRIMUS Database Characters
  • illay75749illay75749 Posts: 26 Arc User
    Name: F.A.S.T. (Stands for Federal Agency Speedster Technologies)

    Website: None

    Category: Casual, Light-RP

    Age Req: None established, but maturity is expected

    Vent / Teamspeak: None

    Special Reqs: Character have to be speedster by theme

    Do you PvP?: F.A.S.T. is not PvP sg, but some members do.

    Do you run 5 man / etc?: On occasion.

    Personal Taboo: Trolls

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @ironman12348 and @jellyfish_master - GMT
  • darksun0685darksun0685 Posts: 29 Arc User
    Name: Delta
    Website: http://thedelta.enjin.com/home
    Primus Database: Delta PDB
    Category: RP Medium
    Age Req: 18+
    Vent / Teamspeak: None
    Special Reqs: Level 40; Concept Driven Characters (We're not currently recruiting)
    Do you PvP? Not a Requirement
    Do you run 5mans / etc? Yes
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @VitalityPrime (EST) @Ozlone (EST/PST) @RavenForce @mornmist (PST)

    Update for new website. See you ingame.
  • akapitakapit Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited March 2017
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  • Name: The Justice Girls
    Website: http://thejusticegirls.enjin.com/
    Category: Casual pve and casual RP
    Age Req: No age requirement but maturity.
    Vent / Teamspeak: No
    Special Reqs: Character must be female.
    Do you PvP? Personal choice
    Do you run 5mans / etc? We encourage group bonding, assistance, etc. Runs and alerts are planned out.
    Personal Taboos: No trolling, insulting, griefers, etc.
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @hoosty EST
  • karmariuskarmarius Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited February 2019
    Name: La Forja (spanish SG)
    Website: None
    Category: Casual, helpful, medium RP
    Age Req: i prefer to focus on mature/friendly type
    Vent / Teamspeak: Using CURSE, so awesome
    Special Reqs: No requirements, we prefer spanish language speakers, but we're open to everyone
    Do you PvP? Not our focus btw
    Do you run 5mans / etc? Yep, we're team friendly anytime we can
    Personal Taboos: Leave your rage at home, no hardcore minded kids
    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @KARMACOP - GMT+1
    Discord: https://discord.gg/WrmvmVp (Ask for permissions in #general)
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  • pallas0001pallas0001 Posts: 157 Arc User

    Name: Protectors of the World

    Website: protectorsoftheworld.shivtr.com/

    Category: RP (I hate the word heavy, lol... we are Role Play Focused)

    Age Req: 18+

    Vent / Teamspeak: Nope!

    Special Reqs: Straight up super heroes. Its not that I don't appreciate your drow assassin from the future or demon from the 23rd plane of Hell, its just not our focus. Thanks! :wink:

    Do you PvP? Not within the team itself

    Do you run 5mans / etc? Once in a great while.

    Personal Taboos: We are a straight forward standard SG. Read a Marvel or DC comic... that's more or less the focus.

    Contact Info & Primary Timezone @pallas001 EST

  • riotdrollriotdroll Posts: 5 Arc User
    Name: The Heroes United
    Website: None yet
    Category: RP
    Age Req: None
    Vent / Teamspeak: None yet
    Special Reqs: Every kind of superhero!
    Do you PvP? Only to train or with other players that are not on the team.
    Do you run 5mans / etc? No?
    Personal Taboos: Zero tolerance for foul language, threat, spam and offenses!
    Contact Info @riotdroll
  • gilbournecgilbournec Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    Name: Task Force Victor
    Website: We'll get to it! Eventually..
    Category: RP heavy
    Age Req: 16+
    Vent/ Teamspeak: Discord!
    Do you PvP? Not as an SG activity.
    Do you run 5-mans etc? Perhaps if someone wants to get some content done.
    Personal taboos: Powerplay, metagaming, sympathy towards cultures of an illicit physical nature, threatening and antagonisation
    Contact info: @gilbourne5 in-game or Cagi#9427 on Discord

    As an SG, we started in August 2017, with the goal of lighting a spark under the collective rears under the Champions community, and are continuously growing with 25+ RP-ready members and wishing to accept more into our ranks. Currently, we have several DMs experimenting with their own story arcs, with a team consistently bouncing ideas off of one another to create storylines that are well thought out and gripping to the attendees. We're presently working on a system to allow the player to have the much-needed sensation of choice in the form of an Operations Board, which grants the ability to look through a variety of missions and choose the one they desire to take up, organising a time and date in which to do it.

    Casual RP is daily, and we're not only looking for new members, but also people outside of the SG to create connections with in order to do our part in maintaining a stable and functioning roleplay community!
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  • Name: The Solo Stars
    Website: None
    Category: RP heavy and casual play
    Age Req:16+
    Vent / Teamspeak: Discord channel coming soon
    Special Reqs: Your Hero MUST be from Texas, as this is a Southern in-universe counterpart of the Champions. If you don't have one, create one.
    Do you PvP? Yes, once Players reach level 20
    Do you run 5mans / etc? No. This Team has no member cap. Will mandate split ups to grind side quests tho. Yee-haw!
    Personal Taboos: NO RACISM, ANTI-LGBT RHETORIC, OR POLITICS ALLOWED. You can curse and joke within reason. But no political discussions whatsoever. This is an MMO. It's about escaping from nightmare reality, whether you're a democrat or republican. I don't care if you think Trump is awesome. Same way I shouldn't be saying critical things of him or his party, you shouldn't be saying the same about Biden or liberals. I'm promoting this team to have a good time and represent Texas, not exploit it as an excuse to chat MAGA every night. If I catch anyone on mic or chat talking about anything I mentioned - Trump AND Biden included - I will kick you out and ban you. You've been warned.
    Contact Info & Primary: supuranx22#2734 in game, my Discord's Xenotoonz9f#0866
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