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UNITY missions

twg042370twg042370 Posts: 592 Arc User
edited December 2013 in Suggestions Box
Should either have many more made, or send you through fewer of them each go round.

Why? Because I'm tired of that little entrance on Monster Island that houses every secret base. Are the villains time-sharing? Renting out a different floors of a complex? Quick interior decorators?

Anyway, I'd love to see some sort of solution to the "Aww, not Annelids Unleashed again." problem.
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Wait? Whaaaa..?


  • royalflvshroyalflvsh Posts: 164 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    My first thought: I'll take that little Monster Island temple gratefully over the caves in Lemuria though, any day of the week.

    My second thought: at least these aren't Unity 2 missions!
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