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Fudgey Needs Art Help! :D

fudgemonstafudgemonsta Posts: 1,591 Arc User
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What's up peoples! That's right, Fudgey here, out with a little call to you Forumites for some help and opinions.

Some of you may remember the Anniversary Leveling Contest. You know...That one with everyone power grinding a toon from 1 to 40 in three days. Yeah, that one. With the things and the shenanigans with the selection process...But eventually it ended off with me being picked. Wee and stuff, everyone did good.

So the reward was an art piece commissioned by the lovely CO art team...Person. Been waiting on that for a while, occasionally poking TT about it. (I hope his side isn't sore...)

Got in a chat with him today and...Here, I'll let you see.
(9:52:36 PM) trailturtle: Still online?
(9:52:41 PM) HangingDeath: Aye.
(9:53:53 PM) trailturtle: So, the dev team's held on by their fingernails for a very long time on this one.
(9:54:03 PM) trailturtle: Unfortunately, the most recent time this was brought up, they looked at it and said, we don't have the time.
(9:54:18 PM) trailturtle: That being said, I do NOT want this experience to turn sour for anyone
(9:54:41 PM) HangingDeath: Mm... =(
(9:55:05 PM) trailturtle: I am 100% completely down with funding a commission from the person of your choice, and getting it printed super ultra fancy, and getting all the devs (even past devs)
(9:55:09 PM) trailturtle: to sign it.
(9:55:30 PM) trailturtle: I will carry it from person to person at the Los Gatos office if necessary.
(9:57:23 PM) HangingDeath: That sounds pretty good actually. I know you guys are busy and stuff...
(9:57:58 PM) HangingDeath: Hmm...I really don't know any artists to be honest though. I'm not very much up on the art thing myself.
(9:58:32 PM) trailturtle: Between the forumites and the Fan Base Alpha section, we'll be able to find you something. Caliga's commissioned some AMAZING art
(9:58:59 PM) HangingDeath: I've seen. It's some really great work.
(9:59:42 PM) HangingDeath: Well, if it's possible with you guys, I'm good with that.
(10:00:27 PM) trailturtle: Excellent. Would you like me to do the leg work on finding some artists, or would you like to take the lead on that?
(10:02:15 PM) HangingDeath: Hmm...I'll ask around, put together something.
(10:02:27 PM) trailturtle: Sounds good
(10:02:39 PM) HangingDeath: Mind if I copy this log for info?
(10:02:40 PM) trailturtle: Let me know when you've chosen and I'll warm up the credit card!
(10:02:46 PM) trailturtle: Absolutely, go for it.
(10:02:50 PM) HangingDeath: Alrighty.
Copied from Pidgin log, with permission.

So, good news with it, is that a piece will still be made. Sad part is, they are stupidly busy it seems. (I'm guessing with NWO's whip rounding the corner they're running around like chickens without heads.)

SO, as said in this log...I need an artist. That, is why I'm coming to you lovely peoples. Recent upsurge with artwork being done has shown some mighty variety in the community, and astounding work all around. As mentioned, Caliga has some great pieces, and many others have been posted around with amazing work.

But, what I'm wondering, is who do you guys think would be good? If you could get a piece of work done, who would you go for?

Now, personally, I'm open to any art style really. My original intent was a CO cartoon style, like the artwork and such. But since that isn't available, I'm open for anything.

So...Yeah. Any peoples have suggestions? :redface: I'm sure there's some talent out there that people love. I'll be digging around places like the Primus Database and CORP, but wanted to see if anyone has a person that pops into their head instantly.

Deliciously nutritious!
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