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Best mods for tank

gandalesgandales Posts: 340 Arc User
edited January 2013 in Items and Crafting
I was wondering for a tank which mods could be considered the best. I am considering the desert fox hovertank.

So far I have thought this but I am pretty sure that the most experienced players have better ideas :biggrin:


incendiary round mark 2
railgun mark 2
advanced hyperkinetic dampening system mark 1
holographic field mark 1



Teflon coating
Reinforce coating


Onboard AI
Flight computer


  • jasinblazejasinblaze Posts: 1,360 Arc User
    edited January 2013
    im a big fan of rank 6 reconstructive biosteel, i would double up on that giving you 4 energy per second and regen as well as damage resistance
    other than that stack the dodge and avoidance
    you can look here to see all options for vehicles
    your weapon choices look good but high on energy consumption
    swapping the force field for quick reload might help if you are having energy issues
    also if you want your tank to tank you can grab aggro weapons, which btw seem to be the best threat generators in the game. the nice thing about mark one weapons is that they can be swapped out easily for low cost
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