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Looking for some Vibora Bay Infoz

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Nothing too particular, just a little bit of infoz from the PnP since I am looking to do a massive retcon and try to do a story re-write to be more in universe with my character.

First up, is there any name to the Vibora Bay hospital? I couldn't see it on the map scan I saw from the book, though to be blunt it wasn't the best of scans.

Second, what were the Dogz like? Just a gang of thugs or were there some inclinations towards this serum and taking their name literally part they currently have in Vibora Bay?

Basically my two big questions concerning that since I am looking to try and be as accurate to CU as possible when I do this retcon and re-write to character story.
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    Before I answer your questions, I highly recommend picking up the Vibora Bay sourcebook from the Hero Games online store. It's an entertaining and informative read, and although it was published in 2004 contains a great deal of useful background info. Like all books written for the Fifth Edition of the HERO System (current edition is Sixth), VB is only half its original price -- a mere $8.50 US for the PDF: https://www.herogames.com/viewItem.htm?itemID=220391

    The only hospital I could find specific mention of is at University of Florida Vibora Bay, located in the Hollings Hill neighborhood of Weston: "UFVB has the state's best medical school, with a state-of-the-art hospital and a world-renowned heart disease research center." (VB p. 34) Most university hospitals use the name of their parent institution.

    As to the Dogz: "Based in the easternmost reaches of Walton Bayview, the Dogz are little more than a loose collection of castoffs and rejects from the neighborhood's other gangs who've banded together for mutual protection and the odd minor burglary. Some members have grandiose dreams of building the Dogz into a criminal force in the city, as unlikely as that seems." (VB p. 88)
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    Thanks. I will when I can. But just basic info I needed for that since I do like to be accurate to the universe itself.
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