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Why isn't there a 100 foot ranged attack for Dual Pistols when all the other ranged sets have one?

renegade0renegade0 Posts: 95 Arc User
All the other ranged sets have it. All the weapons including the boomerang, a thrown weapon goes further than pistols.

Is there any chance the devs would make Two Gun Mojo 100 feet instead of 50 or am I missing something. It feels pointless to make it so short when all range sets have at least one 100 feet attack skill. Is it stronger than all the other attacks?

My only guess as to why it's this way is to keep too many people from using it maybe? Dual pistols are pretty cool. Personally, I'd like a single pistol set, especially if it could have 100 foot single target attacks. But I know that's never happening. But maybe they could have one power like that since they have the animation for it (with the enemy characters and the blaster power).

I had a dual pistol healer and it took me about week or two to realize everyone else had way more range than me (when doing the fire ape cosmic). I switch to a rifle instead, but the aesthetic isn't what i really wanted. So i'm hoping the devs might consider looking at the pistols again.


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 12,383 Arc User
    edited November 2022
    TGM used to be pretty OP as a attack and was indeed used everywhere for a while. These days it's more balanced, and I doubt they'd make it 100ft w/o further nerfs to it (which it doesn't really need atm). Although other sets may have 100ft attacks, a few of them still need to be w/in 50ft to be decent (like w/ Fire, or ranged Earth w/ Cave In, or TP if you want to use any of its DoTs; some set's best AoEs are also limited to 50ft). In CO it seems that they intend for pistols to be short-range powers, in exchange for them being relatively easy-to-build/use and having high mobility (which is somewhat in contrast to the rest of Muni).
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  • spookyspectrespookyspectre Posts: 578 Arc User
    The Pulp Fiction Ray Gun power variant device will give you 100' dual pistols, with lasers instead of bullets though..
  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 5,144 Arc User
    Probably for the same reason there is only one bite power in beastial?
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