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Conviction & Illumination Question

circleofpsi#4619 circleofpsi Posts: 2,810 Arc User
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So for the longest time I've been useing Conviction in almost -all- my builds with minor exceptions and as of late I've started to notice something a bit strange (we all do, once we use a power for so long). I've noticed that the power is a strictly "Non combat" power but I can't tell what applies and what does not during combat.

As the tooltip says: Increases your maximum health for a short time + Heals you, but this "Buff" is removed when you take damage.

Now what I am confused about is, that is it only the "maximum health" part of this Heal that is removed or does the Heal also get removed, as in some content (Like Crypts) that when in combat I don't seem to get Healed at all, if not very little HP. (So what's going on here?)

Does the power just not work altogether if you are damaged and only apply out of combat?, or am I being damaged more then it can heal me?.



Now onto to Illumination: It says that on myself (or allys), it applies Luminated and increases the healing I and allys receive, does this include powers such as Conviction or Endo Rush?.

If I say I applied Illumination then used Endo Rush to Heal myself, will it heal more per tick? (or if I use something like workout or stim pack type of heal?)

Thanks o7
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  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 12,387 Arc User
    Conviction has two main parts: the upfront heal, and the temporary health increase. The health increase goes away when hit, so it's not generally that useful. The upfront heal is what you mainly take it for, and it functions regardless of combat condition. The base heal amount is pretty small, though, and that's prob why you don't notice it much (unless the character has decent bonus healing and/or it crits).

    And yes, Illumination, when used on a friendly target (including yourself), will apply a very small heal and buff most inc healing they receive by a small amount (and the power itself is an AoE, so it'll also affect nearby allies). The inc heal buff isn't that big on its own, though (just 3%).
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