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What happened to NW?

ragadolfragadolf Posts: 87 Arc User
Hello, I have been out of play for a little bit (Not THAT long, just the time between 4th of July and now.)
But when I came back for Halloween, and made a new toon, and then went back and checked my OTHER toons that also have NW on them,. The Sneak is still there, but the Ninja Strike is gone! o_O

I thought I had been keeping up with update announcements, but I missed that one!
What happened? Why the Nerf and loss of Ninja Strike?
Did the strengthen anything of NW to compensate for this loss? Because playing a now lvl 12 toon in game, it seems like EVERYTHING is seeing through my Sneak now, and previously only very high lvl opponents could see me.

Can anyone tell me what happened? Or point me to the thread/link that explains it?

(Sheesh, I'm afraid to find out what else i missed!) ;P

Thank you,


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