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Arcane Golem powers?

rocoscorocosco Posts: 3 Arc User
I was wondering if anyone has an idea of what powers do the Arcane Golem use?
I imagine some of Might, but also have seen it use that force-knockback power.
And I was told a few times it uses some sort of Eyebeam that is not avileable to players.


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 12,387 Arc User
    edited September 2022
    They are somewhat detailed in the tooltips for the power, but here's a basic breakdown of it:

    - Arcane Smash: Used at all ranks. This is the pet's basic melee attack that also applies Challenging Strikes. Looks similar to Clobber.
    - Arcane Blast: Also used at all ranks. A pbAoE Crushing spell that's periodically cast. Looks similar to Force Eruption.
    - Burning Gaze: Used at R2-3. A ranged attack that's used infrequently, though often takes priority when the construct first acquires a target and the attack available. The construct can still move and attack while using this power. Looks similar to Eye Beam.
    - Stoneskin: Only available at R3. A passive ability that blocks a flat amount of dmg from incoming attacks, while also causing the construct to move ~25% slower.

    Also note that, like all 'ritual' pets, the construct will disappear if you step out of its summoning circle, and you can only have one ritual pet up at a time. Both of these can be negated by getting the Unbound Ritual adv (what I'd usually recommend for these pets), though keep in mind that you can't get R3 then.
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