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Inertial Dampening Field

areeeareee Posts: 604 Arc User
Well it looks clear it won't be returned to a form. (sigh)

The.. reduced chance of knock or hold.. is basically googly eyes when we need glasses or shades.
Translation: basically useless when we need useful or cool

So I am gonna go all out.
Remove the googly eyes.

Add Low level resistance similiar to Medical Nanites


Add Knock Block.
Knock Up
Knock Down
Knock To
Knock Back
All blocked.
Holds and Stuns would still be effective.


  • areeeareee Posts: 604 Arc User
    Why the hell can you not remember to put in the fact that the bonus to Block and Hold resistance triggers when you block?! I kept testing with my summons who can't block. Then on DRA I saw how the knocks were less effective on those blocking and tested that.
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