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FC.31.20220721.4 - Nightmare Invasion/Power Adjustments

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,848 Cryptic Developer
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Nightmare Invasion
  • Added Bone Horns 3, Bone Horns 4, Hybrid Horns and Hybrid Shoulders to the event store.
  • Added Twisted auras to the event store.
  • New Mission: Complete the Shadow of the Colossus mission 5 times, rewards the Hybrid Armor costume.

Social Instances
  • Added Argent Hunting Lodge as a social instance.


Power Shield
  • Effect can now be refreshed.

Shield Effects
  • Direct Shields and Personal Force Field now credit during open missions.
  • Note: Some open missions may not credit damage taken, please call those out.

Shadow Pact/Gravitic Ripple
Fixed a bug where this wasn't triggering Repel effects.

Icicle Spear
  • Fixed a bug where this power was innately applying Clinging Flames.

Ice Cages
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Cages were not triggering specs that triggered off of roots.

Force Detonation
  • Made the Field Inversion effect innate to this ability.
  • New Adv (2): Knocks Up targets instead of back.
  • New Adv (2): Applies Restoration.

Force Eruption
  • Field Expulsion: Shield effect will no longer trigger if there are no applicable targets nearby.

Shadow Strike
  • Fixed an issue with the R3 damage.

Force Bolts
  • New Adv (2): Chance to apply Power Shield.

Containment Field/Banish
  • Now applies Power Shield on immune targets.

Field Surge
  • The amount it repairs your Personal Force Field now scales with how potent it is.
  • Increases the regeneration of PFF as if you were blocking.
  • Shield granted by this power now takes into account your resistances.

Sorcery Aura Passives/Medical Nanites
  • Updated the way these powers grant their bonuses for optimization purposes. Please check to make sure they are applying properly.

Sentinel Aura
  • This specialization will now only trigger while in combat.

Inertial Dampening Field
  • This power is now a Support Passive
  • Can only be slotted in Support role.
  • Reduced shield effect.
  • Shield effect now takes into account resistances.
  • Increases Knock and Hold resistance.

  • Fixed an issue where some forms were not triggering.

Frail Armor
  • Fixed an issue where this effect was not applying properly.

Redirected Force
  • Fixed an issue with how the bonus damage was applying.

New Power: Singularity Bomb
  • Tier 2 Force
  • 15 Second Cooldown
  • Deals Crushing damage and knocks targets towards your primary target.
  • Chance to apply power shield based on charge time.
  • Adv (2): Instead of knocking, on full charge this power now Paralyzes the primary target and stuns secondary targets.

New Power: Shield Restoration
  • Tier 1 Force
  • Applies a small shield to targets within the rune.
  • If the target is affected by a Direct Shield, restores the shield instead.
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