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Sound Effect Auras

panthrax77panthrax77 Posts: 309 Arc User
edited July 2022 in Suggestions Box
So here's a fun idea for new auras: rather than focusing on the flashy visual auras, why not add some new auras that focus on sounds?

The range of applications can vary a lot.

You could have your character emit an ambient sound like humming, beeping, purring, growling, crackling, dripping etc.

You could change the sound of your weapons or powers. Make your gatling gun sound heavier and more threatening; or your blade attacks now sound like bonks instead of slashes; or your heavy weapon sword now properly sounds like it's slicing through the poor purple ganger's entire torso.

You could even change the sound of your footsteps, to silent, high heels, thick boots, barefoot, etc.

Plenty of auras already have passive sounds, like some of the legacy passive forms and some ones attached to powers. Even if some visual needs to be attached, having sound be a bigger part of auras could be an easy and fun way to add way more options to players' characters.

And if there's any concern about it being annoying, you could make them considered disruptive effects like the new magnifiers.

Plus more auras to shove in lockboxes. Win-win, right?


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    nacito#6758 nacito Posts: 979 Arc User
    giant stompy sfx aura
    Just another reptile lover, known in game as @nacito

    This is a big journey, so far if you're reading this, wish you a good day
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