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Make Cybermind and STE give the daily regardless of prerequisites

panthrax77panthrax77 Posts: 309 Arc User
So obviously before Vigilance was changed, the daily was just an extra little bonus for doing the custom alerts. Back then, it made some sense that you'd have to do the prerequisite story missions for Cybermind, or need a nemesis for STE. Now, however, it's the actual requirement for completing vigilance. Given the fact that STE is already extremely unpopular among the community, I think it would help the queue times if the dailies for Cybermind and STE were given by the Alerts Coordinator regardless of prerequisites.

I don't think anyone cares much about story sequence breaking for a 5+ year old storyline, or fighting a default nem. It creates an unnecessary wall to alert queues which already suffer from being unpopular. It's a needless requirement that makes queueing for these alerts a lot harder for people who actually want to do them.
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