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Heavy Weapon Tank Build

Can anyone know how to make a Heavy Weapon Tank build?


  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 5,150 Arc User
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  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 12,387 Arc User
    edited April 2022
    In the future, if you have a build request then it should prob go in the Builds and Roles sub-forum, not here in Power Discussion:

    Anyways, the older thread that Jaaz linked can help w/ some general advice, but here's similar example HW tank build as well:

    (Unnamed Build) - Freeform (Tank)

    Super Stats
    Level 6: Strength (Primary)
    Level 10: Recovery (Secondary)
    Level 15: Constitution (Secondary)

    Level 1: The Behemoth (Str: 10, Con: 10, Rec: 10, End: 8)
    Level 6: Paramilitary Training (Str: 3, Con: 3, Rec: 3, End: 3)
    Level 9: Quick Recovery (Con: 5, Rec: 5)
    Level 12: Relentless (Str: 5, Rec: 5)
    Level 15: Amazing Stamina (Rec: 5, End: 5)
    Level 18: Physical Conditioning (Str: 5, Con: 5)
    Level 21: Boundless Reserves (Con: 5, End: 5)

    Level 1: Bludgeon
    Level 1: Eruption (Magma Burst)
    Level 6: Enrage
    Level 8: Invulnerability (Rank 2, Rank 3)
    Level 11: Arc of Ruin (No Quarter, Wildfire, Challenge!)
    Level 14: Pulverizer
    Level 17: Resurgence (Rank 2)
    Level 20: Annihilate (Rank 2, Scorching Blade, Challenge!)
    Level 23: Endorphin Rush (Rank 2, Rank 3)
    Level 26: Vicious Descent (Work Up, Bold Entrance)
    Level 29: Guard (Rank 2, Rank 3)
    Level 32:
    Level 35:
    Level 38:
    Adv. Points: 30/36

    Travel Powers
    Level 6:
    Level 35:

    Strength: Swole (2/3)
    Strength: Physical Peak (3/3)
    Strength: Brutality (2/2)
    Strength: Juggernaut (3/3)
    Protector: Fortified Gear (3/3)
    Protector: Bulwark (2/2)
    Protector: Debilitating Challenge (2/2)
    Protector: Resolute (3/3)
    Warden: Fortified Gear (3/3)
    Warden: Ruthless (2/2)
    Warden: Elusive (2/2)
    Warden: The Best Defense (3/3)
    Mastery: Protector Mastery (1/1)

    The last few powers can be w/e ya want (could be Brimstone w/ advs, an Ult, Brute Strike, another heal, Aggressor, etc.- it depends on what else you want to add).

    For bosses, Eruption can initially put up CFlames, while taps of Arc or Ruin can refresh it (and apply/refresh No Quarter), and charged Annihilate is your main filler attack. For AoE, you can use charged Arc of Ruin as your main attack, while also throwing in Eruption. In any case, you can also use Vicious Descent as a gap closer and/or for some extra self-healing and shielding. Gears mostly for Con, w/ some Str and Rec.
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