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Fix Bat Flight

doomedluke1doomedluke1 Posts: 117 Arc User
edited January 2022 in Power Discussion
I was testing Scarab Flight and Bat Flight again, and I thought after all those years and the 2 years I've been away Cryptic would have fixed Bat Flight.
Scarab Flight allows you to interact with items and NPCs and attack enemies like a normal Flight would do, while Bat Flight do not allows you to attack and interact and still makes you detectable by enemies. By now, Bat Flight is kinda an useless Travel Power.
The solution is pretty simple, make Bat Flight work like Scarab Flight or like a normal Flight power, or then make it work like a Tunneling power, where you can't interact with the world but you're undetectable by enemies.


  • dialamxdialamx Posts: 926 Arc User
    edited January 2022
    Shadow Skull Flight and Spirit Wolf Run have the same issue, but I would not call them "Useless". At least they still act like Travel Powers, to get you to areas faster. The only useless "Travel Power" is Ninja Vanish. It shouldn't even be considered a TP, as all it does is turn you invisible and only slightly increases your normal non-TP run speed. It's not useful as an "Oh [email protected]" escape button, because enemies can still target you if you use it in combat, the same as all teleport powers. Since it offers no real speed boost, you can't get away, and it's length of use is drastically shortened if used in combat. It also suffers from the teleport cool down if you enter combat right after using it. It's the only "teleport" that gives you all the restrictions of a teleport with none of the benefits. You also can't fight or interreact with anything while using it.
  • doomedluke1doomedluke1 Posts: 117 Arc User
    Yeah, but I mean, I imagine Scarab flight and Bat flight should work similarly, like all other TPs of a same type, just with a different skin, but right now, Scarab flight not only has all the advantages of a flight power plus makes you undetectable, while Bat flight works completely opposite, it makes you detectable by the enemy and doesn't even lets you fight back. There's absolutely no reason to pick BF other than theme, and if you do so, you have to deal with the fact that it gives you a DISadvantage. It'd be ok not being able to interact with anything, if it didn't left you so vulnerable, it'd work similarly to a tunneling power, but I think the ideal would be making it similar to scarab flight. I hope they take some time to revise these forgotten TPs, it's a waste to leave those good ideas as they are now.
  • doomedluke1doomedluke1 Posts: 117 Arc User
    edited January 2022
    In time, I didn't know Shadow Skull has the same flaw, but imagine how badass it would be if you could use your powers, a big flying skull spitting balls of shadows or breathing fire. Those powers deserve some attention.
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