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Pet Summons, Why do they drop in combat

areeeareee Posts: 604 Arc User
They all fly just fine normally. However as soon as I get in combat half or more just drop ini combat. With some fights literally Air battles, this is a serious bug.

Or is it a bug?


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 12,387 Arc User
    From some brief testing, it seems like when you're flying w/ your pets that they will adjust their elevation to roughly match that of their target's when they attack (regardless of whether the pet is melee or ranged), and provided there are no obstacles in the way. I'm not sure I'd consider it a bug, but it is yet another weird pet behavior.
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  • areeeareee Posts: 604 Arc User
    Seems to mostly affect those using standard flight. So if they were given another flying power they would be fine most of the time
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