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Important damage reductionr support questions and suggestions in relation to scoring. Please inform.

metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 1,048 Arc User
edited November 2021 in Power Discussion
Inertial Dampening Field reduces damage by a flat rate for team. But in the end if your not bringing heals it doesn't seem to be added to the scoreboard.

Could our Inertial Dampening Field and Sentry Aura Bringers get better compensation for the mission scores. It's feels like a thankless job because using it doesn't seem to be added to the score board like endgame. Though providing a significant resistance to the survivability of others and in return getting diddley squat. Bringing such a form to a cosmic doesn't seem like a good idea if you want to score.

It makes it an undesirable choice of an form. Even though the only real point to using is to help PFF. I feel like that support version of it doesn't work. I have tested several force and resistance support build and shielding provided to teammates weather it be telekinesis, force or passive shielding are just not valuable to scoring. I have run cosmics and open missions and if it's not just one dimensional heals that resistance support build will not score.

Bringing defence buff for your team and not getting rewarded for it feels broken. I first realized this when I first build a full shielding only and resistance support build. I soon realized I didn't not score and had to change builds.

I have already agreed that PFF will never and is not meant to be a full on tank and more of a support tank hybrid. But it function has been useless broken for years beyond off tanking in the background.

Please review and pre revamp resistance support to lessen the one dimensional support building and fix these broken powers. Of shield ing players that doesn't count as doing something.

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  • metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 1,048 Arc User
    It also safe to say that Sentry Aura is 1000000 percent useless if you think you going to bring it and not bring Sentinel. For example a build like Mind AT but not using Sentinel... Instant trash build.

    Why even put shield and resistance mechanics if the wasting time bring it doesn't even count? Bad enough, any support build that not just heals heals and more heals will make teammates scream at you.

    I understand the importance of limitation to every build. But just make shield a valuable support build.
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  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 5,150 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    Heh, I have a build with AoRP (ca. 130%), 3 bubbles, sigils of ebon weakness, Sentry Aura and Pre mastery. Always a low score. My personal solution has been to mentally invert the scoreboard. I.e. the lower my personall score means the better I did.

    It would be nice if Devs played around with the cosmic scoreboard to better reflect different kind of cotributions (e.g. Tanks also tend to score low but are crucial), but I just don't see them taking the time to do it. The scoreboard always feels like something that they just threw together and called it a day and then time to move on.

    It would be fun if for a month the cosmics scoreboard worked like the one used in Red Winter ;)
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