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Mod Problem and Solution

glortorglortor Posts: 324 Arc User
So Dual Mods are taking up a lot of space, are difficult to categorise and frankly, most of them are useless.
I'd like to suggest being able to disassemble them into plain mods.
So a Rank 5 Strength and Ego Enhancement would be possible to disassemble into Strength Enhancement and Ego Enhancement.
To make it as player-unfriendly as everything in CO is, it could instead of yielding a R5 each, yield 5x R4 instead.


  • ansemthedarkansemthedark Posts: 584 Arc User
    Maybe every mod should be the same, honestly, and you just add the desired stats. Making crafting valuable again in a way, making use of what crafting skill you have chosen. Still Rank 1-9, so mod fusion can stay, while stats itself you either choose one stat or two to mix, reducing the chance the higher it goes again.
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