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Anyone else have this forum sign-in bug?

bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,138 Arc User
For most of this past year, every time I clean the cookies out of my home computer, I of course have to sign in to the forums again. But the forums always claim I'm using a new computer and send me an email with a pass code, despite my having used my home computer to sign in hundreds of times. Once I'm signed in I'm told my "new location" has now been added, but it never is.

Not a big problem, just an annoyance, but I wondered if this was just me, or is it ARC SOP?

Best Answers

  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,630 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    Nope. I haven't seen this issue myself.
  • sapphiechusapphiechu Posts: 220 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    This happens to me pretty much every month of so. The forums will forget who I am, and when I sign in, it insists that I have a new computer. I mean, damn, I WISH I could afford to upgrade every month, but no, this is the same computer I've had for at least a year, now.


  • ansemthedarkansemthedark Posts: 584 Arc User
    Only issue I have, which is not really one, is that top page Arc asks to sign in or register, unlike back then showing the username, and you are logged in, but you are logged in the forum. That kept confusing me, making me accidentally try to log in correctly several times.
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