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R9 Impact Prism stat problem

legionexxodlegionexxod Posts: 22 Arc User
The R9 Impact Prism's defence stat is exactly the same as the R8.... so basically I wasted 5* R8 Impact Prism to get 1 R9 for literally no benefit. (and yes I'm only looking at the defence stat) I wasn't sure if this was the right place to put this, I wasn't expecting a momentous increase in stats but I was expecting something! at least +3 points not flat 0.... could this be fixed please?


  • legionexxodlegionexxod Posts: 22 Arc User
    I just realised I had it wrong I must have gone crosseyed there is indeed a 1 point increase
  • warcanchwarcanch Posts: 842 Arc User
    As with any of the cryptic math (algebra?) applied to the outcome of many things, you always need to look at final results.

    In this case, does DEFENSE stat actually go up when slotted? Just making up numbers here, did it go from 100 to 101 Defense? Even then, when you mouse over Defense stat, what value did that increase to? And, do you know how much that actually affects the overall outcome, especially if you were using the Wardicator loop or any other "Defense from item" increase. What is the net result.

    Bottom line to me is, if i'm only going to see a few points of damage (5 - 10, or even 100) shaved off a 5k hit, then going beyond a r5,6, or 7 isn't worth the expense.

    Note, all numbers used in my example are purely made up. However, the rationale is my intention.​​

    -=-=-=-=-=-(CO in-game handle: @WarCan )-=-=-=-=-=-
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  • nbkxsnbkxs Posts: 718 Arc User
    It's a .X increase. It's not a full point. But if you get two slotted, you'll see 85, instead of 84. It's just that that .X portion doesn't show on tooltips. Stat mods are the same way, it's why 2 9s is 133, instead of 132.
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