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Steel Age Designs (From the Steelhead Sentinel!)

locochoco#7652 locochoco Posts: 162 Arc User
edited October 15 in Costumes and Concepts
These are my modern/steel age costume designs. They will mostly be concepts relating directly to ATs, and make use of 80-90% Free to Play costume pieces. I want to be clear about the fact that you probably won't achieve your #CostumeGoals without accumulating some additional pieces or packs. But with this thread I aim to empower newer users by inspiring them with fresh, modern, in-genre designs using mostly parts they can access themselves.
  • Anyone who wants to use these designs as inspiration for their character are more than welcome to. You could emulate it, but you risk others doing the same.

I will also try to subtly aid in the grasping of the genres semi-complex design principles we all know and love, but can seem so very hard to nail in the moment, with so many options before us (thank you Cryptic <3).

But enough jibber jabber. Let's get started. ^.^

First up is a beloved genre and Champions classic. . .

The Speedster

The key to a good, solid, modern speedster design isn't so much the lightning bolt tights designs of accessories. We love them, they never fail, but it never hurts to set your speedster apart from the common herd. Instead focus on the new school elements. Functionality and presentation.

You'll want to consider keeping things simple, clean, and smooth. Avoid bulky armoring or accessories where and when possible to lean into an aerodynamic, scientific element to the aesthetic of the costume.

Also keep in mind the golden rule of modern speedsters. They need to look SHARP whether posing in place, fighting their nemesis, or cruising the city at FTL. How do you make sure that happens, North? You may be asking me. In this case, think Barry Allen. All the way. SUPER simple color scheme. Two tops ideally. One dominant color, and a good accent tone to make it all pop at any given speed.

Next is something a little similar, and could almost be used as a speedster.

The Electromancer

I test and showcase designs at Ren Cen almost daily. Look for -Design- or -Nemesis- in a toon name and have a peek at what I've been up to and trying out. :)
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  • superalfgornsuperalfgorn Posts: 548 Arc User
    Nice and clean, I like the first one a lot.
    My Characters

  • locochoco#7652 locochoco Posts: 162 Arc User
    Thank you!

    The second was a little more in Co style, I admit. I went for a more playful, youthful vibe with that one.

    I've been messing with some concepts and should have more soon.
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