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My Wild Time Traveling Mega Mission Idea

This is some wakadoo idea I had rattling around in my brain. I included a lot of characters from Champions 6th ed that are not in the game yet as well as some in-game I would like to see more of. If it uses too much magic, why not replace something with some tech and maybe the future instead of past? Often when I use the article "you" in the descriptions I am referring to the player characters. I will use "Hey Devs" for things that Devs do, or suggestions for NPCs, or rewards or whatever.

And "thank you" to anyone, Dev or player, that read this.

Serial Ch. 1
This starts off with a serial (solo mission) that starts from your character's Crafting Point of Contact (the trainers in the Fusion building). They tell you that a specialist in their field would like to meet with them in a particular place to discuss a design they are working on that you might have some insight into as it relates to your powers. These would be:
Arms: Flechette III, in the Armory (West Side)
Science: Dr Silverback, in the Inventions Workshop (City Center)
Mystic: Dr Ka, in the Mystic Foundry (Downtown).

When you arrive, you see who you are supposed to meet, but then they attack! You are ambushed by their Multifarian Doppleganger and their henchmen! They would likely be in their regular costumes, thinking they look enough like their doppleganger for what they need to do.
When you defeat them, you find a tablet device with a video clue that looks like you sending a transmission to yourself to see Jury Rig.
It would be a cut scene of a video message being sent by what looks like your character. And in this static filled breaking transmission "you" say "I know this is weird, but you need to get this message to Jury Rig."
From what you can deduce, the Multifarian Doppleganger intercepted this transmission, assuming that you and Jury Rig were working on something.

When you see Jury Rig, he tells you that he can detect some sort of chronal energy with the video. And then of course, he takes a while before the next chapter.

Serial ch 2: What Jury Rig has learned.
The video transmission originated from Burnside... when it was a prospering town. You will need to use Jury Rig's time machine and find out what you were doing there and find out how you sent a message from there. So off you go in the time machine to the old west.

Hey Devs, you could take the map from Burnside, maybe toss in some newer looking buildings (from Snake Gulch), some people walking around, horses, carriages and BAM, Burnside in it's glory days.

Shortly after you arrive out comes a cut scene of the Grab Gang (Grab in western Duds) riding into town acting like they own the place. Before you can react, Black Mask VI (Marvin Beckley Carr) steps out to confront them (Hey Devsuse a different Black Mask if you see fit). You then jump in the fight to help Black Mask. Realizing that you came from the future/their present, Grab escapes. It turns out Black Mask had just arrived in town after hearing about a gang of outlaws terrorizing the town. When you ask Black Mask where they might have gone, a person from town over hears and says "Oh, they're squattin' in the old Lucky Strike Mine (Or other name. I can only find reference calling it "The Haunted Mine." Grab figures they don't have to be secretive about it, on account of they figure no one would be able to stop them" or something like that.

So you and Black Mask ride to the mine, go in and fight Grab and find out they are working for... Captain Chronos (Champions 6th Ed, Solo Villains). Hey Devs Since he could be a really tough villain, you could say something like some of his powers aren't working on the players due to Chronal energy on them from Jury Rig's time machine.

Anyway, after beating them, you find the machine that transmits a message to you, only you accidentally send it to Multifaria. You also find a large gem that has a time signature for a different time period. You take it and return to Jury Rig to see what he can make of the gem.

Serial ch 3.
The gem is magical, but also from a different time period.. the late 5th century Britain.
Hey DevsInclude some Monty Python and the Holy Grail jokes, especially about the Black Knight and "None Shall Pass".

As you travel and find Lancelot on his way to confront the Black Paladin. Only thing is, Black Paladin is being aided by Time Lapse (Champions 6th ed) and maybe another villain. Upon defeat, just before anyone can run away, Time Lapse says something like "I knew I couldn't take you by myself, but now that you are worn down..." and then uses a time freeze power on Black Paladin so he can take his sword Consammateur Des Ombres (Eater of Shadows)from him before disappearing in a time portal!

This time you are left with a scroll. You return with the scroll to Jury Rig, who suggests taking the Scroll to the Magic Lantern Book Shop where one of the mystic bigwigs might be able to help.

Serial ch 4. Shangri-La (or Shambhala)
Once the scroll has been deciphered, we find out that it tells the story of an outsider who attacks a mystic place that looks a lot like the parts of the Hi Pan Alert map that we can't get to. The Scroll has a mystic spell to send you there to the time and place of the attack.

You arrive on the map and are met by a monk who informs you that everything is fine and that everyone is meditating so you should go. You give the old "Mind if I look around" which makes the monk nervous and then he attacks calling out the other members of the Sons of the 4 Dragon who work for Dr Yin Wu.
Hey DevsThis could be part of an Alert you have to queue into with at least one person who has done the first 3 missions.

Anyway, defeat them and you get a mystic sword that the monks (who were being held captive by a spell in one of the buildings) tells you was brought from somewhere else by Dr Yin Wu and he was trying to use the resources of Shangri-La to unlock it's potential.

You return to the Magic Lantern Book store with the sword of Unknown origin.
At the end of the alert, there is a cut scene with them returning to the Magic Lantern Book Store. And just as your character leaves the MLBS, we see someone lurking in the shadows... FOXBAT, saying something like "what are they up to?".

Serial Ch 5: Kal Turak! (Please refer to the Turakian Age Source Book)
You are summoned to Dr Ka's mansion where the Trismegistus Council has sent representatives to meet you. Dr Ka and the Trismegistus Council representatives explain that the sword you recovered is a chronal echo of the sword Auralia-- the sword blessed by the Skyfather and used by Venghrestto slay Kal Turak, who is better known as Takofanes! Someone had gone back in time and stolen the sword from Kal-Turak's Tomb from a time before his re-awakening in the modern era. And because it was stolen this way, it is an echo of its formal self and no longer has the enchantment of the Skyfather. But, if one were to get the blessing of the Skyfather on it, the blade could be used against Takofanes.

So, the Trismegistus Council propose going back in time 80,000 years (or how ever long ago it was) to the Turakian Age and seeking out the followers of the Skyfather and somehow getting the blade blessed and then perhaps it could be used against Takofanes the next time he shows up for the Bloodmoon.

Dr Ka and the Mages open a portal, so you and your team, go back in time.

When you arrive, Turakian soldiers and necromancers meet you and you fight. After the 3rd wave of them, paladins that are followers of the Sky Father arrive and now you have to fight a couple more waves and keep the Skyfather followers alive. At least 1 must survive to bless the sword. The last cut scene before you leave is Kal Turak arriving (a non lich form of Takofanes) and we see the recovered followers of Sky father fighting them. When you arrive back in the present, you discuss trying to figure out the next move with the council and Dr Ka. And spying from the shadows we can see... Foxbat saying something like "Oh, they are up to something really good, aren't they?"

Serial Ch 6 Mutlifaria
After a quick meeting at Champs HQ, it is determined that you should find out how Multifaria plays into all of this. After all, some of Shadow Destroyer's people ambushed you and intercepted your own message to yourself. Defender tells you to meet James Harmon at Harmon Labs where you can use the portal to travel to Multifaria. Only thing is, right after you jump in, Foxbat screams something about wondering what everyone has been up to, and jumps in the portal as well.

This time when you arrive in the Conqueror's HQ, you are met by an evil Multifarian counterpart and a bunch of henchmen (destroids, Karkaradons, whatever). Foxbat runs right past everything to outside and is not seen until the end of the mission. You chase the Multifarian baddie to outside. When you beat them, they laugh and say something like "Heheh, sure, I'll talk. All you gotta do is get up there. HAHAHAHA!" and then laugh while pointing up at the floating fortress in the sky.

This sets up a lair battle to be accomplished with a team to go into Shadow Destroyer's Floating Fortress (Hey Devs it probably looks a lot like the Nemcon mission map).
You could queue in or access from Harmon Labs. Once in, it drops you in Multifaria by the Jet. The plan is you can take the jet (thanks to a key from the baddie you defeated) and use its pass codes to fly it up and into the fortress past the defenses. Only problem is, even after beating up the guards around it, you can't get it to function.

Then there is a cutscene with someone dropping the body of a tied up Foxbat in the back of the plane. The Camera pans up and it is Multifarian Foxbat (MF Foxbat for short) , who apparently just kicked his own ****. Multifarian Foxbat is all serious (like Kevin Conroy should do his voice). MF Foxbat knows you are from a different earth where you are heroes and offers to join you and fly the jet when you break into the fortress.

Once in, you fight random groups of Multifarian Counterparts, other villains from this serial, and Nemeses, until you get to the main computer and can download information about something called "Project: Damocles." Once you have downloaded it, MF Foxbat volunteers to stave off the rest of Shadow Destroyer's minions while you escape. Next, you are at Harmon Labs with the still tied up Foxbat. While you try to do the debrief, Foxbat sings "The Sword of Damocles is hanging over my head" and won't shut up so Iron Clad punches him and knocks him out.

Serial Ch 7
After the Champs, UNTIL, the Trismegistus Council, DR Ka, and any other allies that can be trusted with looking at the Project: Damocles file have looked at it, you are brought in for a debrief of what they found. As it turns out, one of the echos of Auralia, once blessed, could be used to weaken Takofanes and then the Black Paladin's sword "Consammateur Des Ombres (Eater of Shadows)" could be held by someone and act as an antenna while the power of Takofanes is channeled into them from Auralia. It is likely that Shadow Destroyer's Minions have managed to get their own echoes of the swords and your involvement made it easier for them to get Black Paladin's sword (Capt Chronus could easily defeat a weakened Black Paladin) and getting the Auralia Echo blessed (spies saw who the followers of the Skyfather were).

It seems that the gem was only used to help time travelers find the time era. If you talk to your crafting teacher, you can use the gem in some way to craft an item that will protect you from the chaotic magics of the upcomming Shadow Destroyer and Takofanes battle. You might get a mission to collect some items that only can be found on Destroids, Elder Worms, and Karkaradons (which can be fought in MC, MI, and QWZ). Once the components are found, you can forge the item.

Serial 8: The Big Battle.
Your allies have figured out how the swords are to be used and when and where and it is NOW! Shadow Destroyer's allies have freed him from that room in the QWZ and his body is on some Qliphothic altar and he holding in his hands Consammateur Des Ombres. Meanwhile, Arcane Horror priests try and open a portal to the land of the dead where Takofanes awaits the Bloodmoon. To prevent that from being interrupted, a bunch of Shadow Destroyer Henchmen and a 6 Villains that could work and have worked for Shadow Destroyer (including Nemeses) are protecting the ritual.

Hey Devs For this Open Mission, you must gather 20-30 players to fight the henchmen and named Villains. There could be a bunch of them to fight (like 20) and one perk would be having fought and defeated them all on the Destroyer vs Takofanes battle. Or maybe perks for having defeated the members of Grab, or the Sons of the 4 Dragons, or you fought your nemesis in the battle, or whatever. Your side could be aided by some of the heroes, and that could lead to a perk of having fought along side various heroes. This should include the Champions, Justiciar, Celestar, Raven Speaker, Multifarian Foxbat, Gadget Boy, Black Mask, Caliburn, Dr Ka, etc.

The fight should be timed and doesn't start until the bad guys "detect our presence." Until then, they are double checking everything for the magical ceremony. Once they see us, Shadow Destroyer/Eidolon of Destruction/Citizen Harmon tells them to begin the rituals.

The first part of the fight should just be a crazy fight between all the bad guys who are protecting the ceremony and your friends that you have "Assembled" ;) . Once a certain amount of henchmen and all the guest villains have been defeated, you interrupt the ceremony and defeat Shadow Destroyer's plan to absorb Takofanes's power.
Cut scene: when defeated, Shadow Destroyer's essence splits and some of that goes with Takofanes into the realm of the dead.

Hey Devs, as part of the fight, because of the crazy magical energies being used by the priests to channel Takofanes into Shadow Destroyer, anyone who did not make the gem from the last serial will be hit by a constant DOT that get worse as the mission goes. If you made it and equip it in your usable items, you are safe. Heck, you could have multiple things to craft from the gem causing people to want to do it over and over. Things like immunity to time travel attacks from Captain Chronos and Time Lapse, A summon MF Foxbat device, time echoes of the swords with maybe limited uses. Oh, and like in the sky, it would be cool if we saw like astral essences of Shadow Destroyer and Takofanes locked in combat.

Rewards could be things like weapons skins for the swords, special gear that only gives you a bonus in this fight, and what ever other things seem like a good idea.

Completing the suggested perks should unlock costume items.

That is all I got.
Thanks for reading.
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