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Question about Copyright Rules and Parody/Fan Fiction OC's

renegade0renegade0 Posts: 73 Arc User
I know a little bit about Copyright Law and Fair Use, but I'm not sure if PW/Cryptic take these into consideration for their rules. I wanted to post some examples and see if anyone knew whether or not they're allowed in the game. I wanted to submit a ticket for this to ask the devs, but there's no option for it. All the options for either reporting something or different technical issues.

Ex1: A parody character named Super Old Man and his character looks like a really old man with balding grey hair, a blue suit, underwear, and a red and yellow S, and a red cape.

Ex2: A fan fiction Original Character named Jack who is dressed like him belongs in a show like Attack on Titan, Bleach, Dragon Ball etc; stories where multiple characters wear similar uniforms/outfits. I know we see a ton of original Saiyan characters running around, but I have no idea if these are against the rules.

Ex3: A completely original character with an original name and a costume inspired by a character. Like a character that is dressed like Chucky from Child's Play, but looks nothing like the actual character. Basically, cosplay.

The only thing that is clear is that a name and costume/character is clearly copying a copyright character. But this other stuff isn't too clear. All all those original Super Saiyan characters being Bad Named or are they allowed? I've tried searching, but couldn't find any threads asking any of these questions.


  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 8,350 Arc User
    1. Parody
    2. Fan Fiction character
    3. Inspired
    'Nuff said.
    Enjoy the game and customisation.
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