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When are you going to fix Cosmic Dino fight ?.

diggotdiggot Posts: 261 Arc User

These bugs has been around for years.

Range bug for melee & tanks - Suddenly you're not longer in range of melee to Mommy dino and you have to move around
for the game to acknowledge you to be within range again , eventho you haven't moved.

Baby Dino not agroing - When baby spawns, its 9/10 times a wipe on the dps and healers because no matter how much the
baby tank spams attacks when baby arrives, its complete random that baby will either wipe the dps or agro the baby tank.

Ghost Bites - Doesn't need an explanation really. Server can be doing fine, you're blocking all bits that you can see,
and suddenly without mommy moving, you're dead from a bite that wasn't animated... it's what we call a Ghost bite.

All these bugs has been around since mommy started walking the junge, they've been reported since discovered,
yet we haven't seen an update that fixes these bugs permanently ...

I think it's time that these bugs gets ironed out... its long overdue.
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