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World PvP: SG Feud Feature

itsbrou#5396 itsbrou Posts: 1,776 Arc User
Feature: SG Feud

This feature permits two or more Super Groups to wage war in any public instance in the game without disrupting other players.
Exceptions: Some instances and neighborhoods may be marked as safety areas where PvP cannot occur.

The period for this rivalry is 7 days of real time.

To initiate the feud, 2 officers from each super group must sign a declaration. The declaration will have a text field to state the reason for the feud.

Your SG and the other must have at least 5 members.

Once you have a signed declaration from each SG and pushed begin, both SGs will automatically have an SG event generated in their calendars marking both the beginning and the end date of the feud. SG members will have 2 minutes to change zones before the server officially flags the rival SGs for PvP against each other.

Once in effect, map transfers will have an indicator on each instance where a rival SG member is present to warn them that they can expect a confrontation. Additionally, players will be notified in chat that an enemy player has entered the neighborhood that they are in. Players who enter a neighborhood with enemy players present will be provided with a count of enemy players within it once upon entering.

The defeat of an enemy player will award a currency different from Acclaim. This currency can be used to purchase hideouts or other items suited to game mode.

Brou in Cryptic games.


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