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Heroes United RP Net - A New IC Chat Channel for Heroes

Hey everyone!

This is Adversary89 here. I'm spreading word about a new RP chat channel I've created meant for players to have their heroes interact with other heroes all In-Character. Think of it as a spiritual successor to the old Champions RP Champion

The name of the channel is Heroes United RP Net.

IC the net is a Respond and Protect Communications Network for heroes to use whether it's to ask for assistance against a threat/situation or just to communicate with other heroes across the globe. Only heroes (both of the superpowered and non-superpowered caliber) along with UNTIL personnel can allow access to the net, thus ensuring that it remains secure.

OOC the channel is a way for players to connect with other players and keep the fun going while keeping the RP community of Champions Online still beating.

It's currently open for folks to join. Just right click on the Chat tab in-game and type in Heroes United RP Net followed by join to get in on the action. I'm not putting a lock on it unless I feel as I have to but there will be an Admin team to keep things in order. That being said, respect is a must both IC as well as OOC. Also being that this is a hero chat net, keep the grimdarkness and ERP away from it.

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