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FC.31.20210322.20 - Misc

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,619 Cryptic Developer
  • Fixed an issue where Relentless Pursuit lunge was not working properly.
  • Fixed flight and movement animations with Relentless Pursuit.


  • sepheliussephelius Posts: 30 Arc User
    Suggestion -Relentless Pursuit
    Your suggestion
    Make it hit an arc of 90 degree of up to 5 target max

    Adv - Each stack of bleed increases damage by 5%
    - 30% base damage increase against wounded target

    Sorry to say this but when it comes to single blade the bleed component is sometimes overlook and single blade thrives on bleed, so why not use it.
    Also I'm guessing this power is supposedly to be the 'sword cyclone' of single blade.
  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 691 Community Moderator
    At base rank, Relentless Pursuit does not self-root. Ranks 2 and 3 do self-root.

    The mobility without the self-root greatly improves the power's feel and usability. I would like to see that remain. I still think that the Single Minded advantage feels too restrictive for practical gameplay.
  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 11,428 Arc User
    edited April 22
    Bug: It seems like Relentless Pursuit has unlimited range after the initial lunge and dmg tick.

    I was able to keep damaging a target dummy no matter how far away I ran with it during its channeling (as long as I maintained line of sight) - which is amusing, but also a bit silly.
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