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War on Peace OM Tips and Tricks

redcastle56redcastle56 Posts: 119 Arc User
edited March 2021 in Missions and Content
Starting a thread for people to collect tips on the new Open Mission.

General notes:
1: Don't abbreviate it in chat as "WoP" That is considered a racial slur, and the profantity filter blocks it.
2: Krax has a nice AoRP. Stay near him to get the benefit. Bring the battle to him, Don't chase the mobs.
3: You have to keep Krax and Eversole (K&E) alive. They do have good Defense and Health, so they will stay alive unattended for a bit. But keep an eye on them. Particularly in the final boss stage.
4: Make sure to activate the new Respawn point at the Northeast entrance to the park. The next closest one is in Harmon plaza, a good walk away.

There are some nasty attacks and attack cycles. The mobs will throw an attack that stuns/breaks block. Or an attack that drains your energy. When your energy is 0, your block shuts down. If you are in a bad AoE when that happens, you die fast. If you see the lightning storm around you, move.

Many of the mobs can be CC'ed. a quick stun or hold can really help disrupt their attack cycle.

Fight is in 3 main stages
Warm up, kill 50 Lemurians
1:Do this while gathering people. You can either park yourself next to Krax and kite small groups of mobs to him, or hang on the perimeter and kite small groups away. Take out the higher ranked mob first to avoid some of the nasty attack cycles mentioned above.
2: Watch out when you get close. The mobs to respawn and there are 3 weak ones that show up right in front of K&E. If you are at 48/50 and they spawn, the mission is starting.

Three waves
Fight 3 waves of Lemurians. These waves are timed I believe, so they are mini-DPS checks. Try to clear each wave before the next one starts, else you will get swamped.
The random lemurians will also respawn during this.
Keep K&E alive. Stay near them for the AoRP

Boss Fight
Fight the end boss. He has some nasty AoEs and will root you in them. so watch you. He also can drop illumination and a healing rune, so he will heal. If you see him healing, try to block to minimize what he gets from illumination.

Try to keep him close to K&E for the AoRP, but not too close. Don't let him drag you away, because there will still be spawns of Lemurians that attack K&E, and if you ignore them while fighting the boss and they die, its a fail.

He isn't that hard to tank actually. It may take time, but if you can keep the trash mobs around him down, its not that bad.

Final notes
I have mixed feelings on this mission. It is on the harder end of content. Not really soloable. And some of the attack cycles are nasty. But there is a close respawn, so you can get back quickly. Because the mobs are CCable, it actually gives CCs something to do. So a variety of roles can really help. If anything, the tank role is probably the least important except to kite mobs in. It does lend itself better to some strategy and teamwork. Which I think is a good thing.

I'll add other tips and clarifications as people comment.

Final note for the serial mission.
1: There is a "Skip Dialogue" crystal right by the door. Use it if you wont want to have to wait for Ladyhawk to read the journals. She still has to get close to them to trigger the mission tracker, but doesn't have to read them.
2: For the perk hunters, journal 38 is next to one of the supporting pillars underneath the "bridge", close to the door side.

Bug: there is a bug it seems where K&E can die, but the mission continues. I think it happens if no players are in range when they actually die, but I am not sure. If that happens, there will be a bunch of mobs just hanging around the tree. You might be able to kite them away and kill them in small groups, including the boss, and still get completion credit.

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  • bughousebughouse Posts: 96 Arc User
    Thank you for these tips. They will be helpful.
  • superalfgornsuperalfgorn Posts: 557 Arc User
    Great Summary, ty
    My Characters

  • qawsadaqawsada Posts: 727 Arc User
    edited March 2021
    Having a range tank, or a high dps that won't die for a few second and grab aggro, could offset the boss' rune so it won't heal him. Be at a good distance, range attack when he spawn, and hold you have the aggro long enough so he spawn the rune at your location. The rune should be far enough so it won't reach the boss and heal him. Then he will just melt from all the other dps around him.
  • redcastle56redcastle56 Posts: 119 Arc User
    I was running a train last night. We were clearing the OM in 3-4 min each. Cycling through 4 zones constantly. We actually caught up a few times, getting through all 4 zones and back to the 1st one before the 10 minute timer elapsed. Must have ran it at least 20 times.

    I can see this being abused very easily for levelling purposes.
  • stratluverstratluver Posts: 307 Arc User
    I've been playing with the Elemental Sorcerer. On a ranged character I bait them into their lightning strike. I'll hit them and watch them as soon as I see them start the arm animation I jump to my side leaving the lightning strike hitting air instead of me. I can them take them out (or get held by the Ionic Sorcerer :p ). Works every time for me.

    Melee? Stun them. Knock them. Or block and run around. And, of course, if you can just kill them...do that!

  • carolinabryancarolinabryan Posts: 9 Arc User
    Final tip: Wonder why they gated a comic storyline a lot of people were soloing behind required group content.
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