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championswiki.com is down!

sapphiechusapphiechu Posts: 259 Arc User
Following the link in this forum goes to a standby page with the warning "This domain is pending renewal or has expired. Please contact the domain provider with questions." It also has one of those related searches front and center, along with a search entry box, like a lot of the less-than-secure sites that you find having their domains sniped out from under them moments after they expire.

I found domain dates as follows:

Registered On: 2014-08-09
Expired On: 2020-08-09
Updated On: 2020-08-12

I can only hope that the registrant was able to re-register, and if there is some way people can donate in order to help with this, please use this thread to make that known.

That the name servers are NS1.FATCOW-EXPIRED.DOMAINPARKINGSERVER.NET and NS2.FATCOW-EXPIRED.DOMAINPARKINGSERVER.NET are a little concerning, considering that they include the names 'expired'...


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