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Simple QoL Suggestion Lemurian Invasion

panthrax77panthrax77 Posts: 309 Arc User
edited August 2020 in Suggestions Box
Given a couple recent updates to vehicle content, I figured now would be a good time to propose a simple change that would make a big difference in the Lemurian Invasion rampage.

Currently, exocet fighters are mostly just an annoyance, they're there to slow down the inevitable victory, given how generally easy the Harbinger is for a rampage fight. The problem with the fighters is that they just loop around the boss, not actually doing anything except keeping distance from the players. This isn't unbearable, but it invokes heavy reliance on vehicles and ranged characters, and meleer characters without any ranged attacks are pretty much forced to wait for the Harbinger to become vulnerable again. My suggestion would be to have the exocet fighters seek out and attack heroes rather than flying around aimlessly.

This would not only make more logical sense, but it would provide a little more challenge (in staying alive and being aware of the fighters), make it more engaging, reduce the requirement of ranged attacks and vehicles, and eliminate the annoyance of not being able to catch the stupid fighters in the first place.

Way more changes could be made to make this fight more fun and interesting, but this is at least a quick change that could really improve the fight.
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