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FC.31.20200711.4 - Vehicle Changes



  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 7,091 Arc User
    panthrax77 wrote: »
    If this change is intentional, this is by and large the biggest nerf I've seen in the game's history.
    It's not even the biggest nerf in this patch. CO has a long history of nerfs that reduce an affected ability by 80-90%.
  • superalfgornsuperalfgorn Posts: 558 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    The change to Auras is interesting... will love to see if it turns out good or pointless.
    I think that the key point is:
    "What do you think is the role of the Hybrid Role?"

    Curently it is the middle-ground, selfish role that can do (some) damage and in addition perform (minor) support or tanking:
    -SS bonuses (boosting dmg/heal);
    -Specs (protector giving you threat);
    -Current auras (sharing a part of the boost to Dmg/SS/heal/etc..);

    Removing the group portion of auras at hybrid will seriously change what you can achieve in this role, and probably strongly push you towards a dual Role build (which might be fine).

    In light of this a concurrent revision of the available toggles would be interesting, we have:
    -ranged/melee & melee/ranged damage
    -damage reduction (IDF, a special case)

    We miss a few possible combinations that would possibly give some sense back to the difference between Support/Hybrid:
    -melee/healing (and/or CC)
    -ranged/healing (and/or CC)
    -the possible tank toggles (already discussed/requested in the past, if I recall)

    Just a few scattered reflection, I know, but it is a very interesting piece of news...
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  • nique554nique554 Posts: 65 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    I'm actually all for vehicle nerfs. The aura change seems interesting too. o:
  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 7,091 Arc User
    jaazaniah1 wrote: »
    You know that Kais was a player before she was a dev, right? You might want to have you facts right, because if you don't your argument falls apart.

    My facts are straight. But you your self just stated the issue with one key word.

    Key word there "Was"
    Um... I've run a TT with Kaiserin, and I've seen her at cosmics, and she did the last Defender's Training. Probably by using a vehicle. She's not a super active player, but she still probably has the best understanding of how the game actually plays of any dev we've had.
  • phasestarphasestar Posts: 116 Arc User
    I agree, she knows the game and she has made a lot of improvements to it over the last year. Balance fixes are welcome, I just think there's a risk of being balanced but at a level that's not "fun" enough. Personally I think a fully geared vehicle should be able to be just as or a bit stronger than a character out of a vehicle and it should effectively offer an alternate role for open world content.

    IMHO the vehicle balance overall needs a look a bit beyond the weapons at energy management too. There should be more ways to supercharge a high end vehicle's energy recovery and not have to use the energy builders as much. Then you can balance around cooldowns and such.
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    Aura of Arcane Clarity
    • We are testing out having this passive scale off of superstats over just presence.
    • Additionally, we are testing out having this power no longer benefiting team members if you are in the Hybrid role.
    • These changes may be passed onto the other Sorcery Aura passives, but we are testing them out this this power first.

    Interesting uwu
  • baelogventurebaelogventure Posts: 520 Arc User
    Kaiserin's patches will nerf and gimp. We've seen it before. Builds can be adjusted. Mods reslotted. Within these forums we will outlast them.

    "They do not come to destroy your builds and roles. They come to destroy the players, down to the last AT."

    What would you have me do? Look at the posters. Their hope hangs by a patch note. If this is to be our end, then I would have them make such an end as to be worthy of remembrance.
  • phasestarphasestar Posts: 116 Arc User
    I do agree that the changes are substantial enough and I've invested enough in my vehicles that without a second round to balance them up a bit more, I think some kind of compensation would be appropriate if this is to be the new permanent vehicle balance. If vehicles are both more balanced and weaker than before, they should likely also make the vehicle mods/gear less costly to get.
  • baelogventurebaelogventure Posts: 520 Arc User
    Why do people constantly fail to understand just how destructive this nerf is to the game? Do you think it's because it's JUST this nerf? No. It's opening doors to many many more poorly thought out nerfs that will lead to this game being killed.

    Hell why do I even bother anymore, all this feedback etc, and it doesn't even matter. Kaiser probably doesn't even read these forums.

    I mean how dare me trying to actually hope that this game is not killed off right? How dare me hope that I didn't just spend over $320 dollars on this game's lifetime sub so that I can get my characters and account unlocked.

    I don't see that investment being justified if Kaiser just goes and makes changes that are so extremely dividing in the community where a lot of very clear and concise concern has been raised.

    *Laughs in old memories*
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