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  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 7,091 Arc User
    As for the other thing. I played a PA build and a munitions build and I atleast felt like I could avoid a lot of the mechanics in the boss fights all together except the instant death stuff like baron block, therakiel empowered, val sigils. That's just my experience/opinion though of course, different perspectives are perfectly fine. And I could be wrong on that front.
    • Val: you can ignore the damage her sigils do unless they spawn next to you. It's much easier to dodge Blinding Light in the last phase. You still have to kill sigils, the adds will still go after you unless someone else handles it, you still have to kill the adds, you still have to block her fireball though you have less to worry about someone else being hit by it.
    • Black Fang: his chain spin is only a 50' radius. His berserkers spawn next to him though they'll happily go after others. Chasing after him when he charges is easier with ranged. Rest of his mechanics don't seem to care about melee vs range.
    • Baron Cim: can't see how his mechanics are meaningfully different for melee vs ranged, other than green patches being mildly less annoying.
    • Vlad: melee is bad against cages (they're hard to reach if you can't fly, which bats often prevent you from doing, and there's a risk of getting held because the cage objects are kinda glitch), nothing else seems dramatic.
    • Therakiel: purple pillars of death more dangerous. Chasing him when he charges less difficult. Easier to avoid zones you don't want to be in.
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