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FC.31.20200602.9 - Therakiels Temple Fixes/Valerian Alert

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,446 Cryptic Developer
edited June 10 in PTS - Patch Notes
  • Added alert version of the Valerian Scarlet fight.
  • Reduced overall damage for this version.
  • In this version, when her sigils explode they will place a debuff on the target. Allowing all 5 to explode will defeat all players.

Therakiels Temple
  • Added Dissonance device as a potential drop.
  • Reduced the amount of enemies in the new Shadows wing.
  • Fixed cutscene skipping interaction.

Valerian Scarlet
  • Reduced the amount of mobs she summons at lower health.
  • Adjusted Soul Bomb fx.
  • Removed Binding ability.
  • Updated Fireball FX.

Vladic Dracul
  • Adjusted cage fx to indicate they must be attack from below.

  • Therakiels Sword will now change colors based on whether he is light or dark empowered.
  • The Auras will now vanish once Therakiel summons his Hellementals.

  • Added Super Spikey Hair costume to the debugger store.
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  • ealford1985ealford1985 Posts: 3,454 Arc User
    edited June 13

    The yellowgreen color space bleed with the red, and the blue doesn't do anything.

    This may be intended, but it would make sense or (appears to) that the yellow is meant to completely color top row of teeth and the blue the bottom row.


    No difference in pattern details on Black Fang back. All the other layer attachments have damage and details...I guess that is what's missing?
  • l3zardvalethl3zardvaleth Posts: 30 Arc User
    Dunno if this be the right section to post this, but since it's the latest PTS note regarding TT fixes may I suggest that for at least 1 more month you allow the boss skip option in PTS so that we can continue to test bosses​​
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