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anyone in Knife Dad's Super Group MY KIDS be kind enough to invite me?

(this is my first post in these forums so apologies if I'm a little rusty)

so Monster Factory's two-parter of this game and Griffin and Justin's creation Knife Dad is what made me get this game recently, at the time I saw those episodes I knew our family laptop wouldn't be able to run this game, but recently with a new laptop and only me using it now, it was time to try this game out and I love it as much as I thought I would, and then some!

I got worried that Knife Dad's Super Group, MY KIDS, was lost to time when I couldn't find it in the Super Group search function, but I only recently finally bumped into a player who was still in the group! they said that the group was still accepting players via invites, but before I could manage to work up the courage to ask them if they could invite me they went offline :(

so I thought I'd make this forum post, asking if there are any players still in that group, if they could respond and be kind enough to invite me in-game to join Knife Dad's family? no pressure though :3

(I live in UK Timezone if that is of any use)


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