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FC.31.20200512.7 - Nightmare Invasion

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,446 Cryptic Developer
Note: There will be a Therakiels lair focused patch at the end of the week.

Nightmare Invasion Event
  • New Mission: Complete the Colossus daily mission 5 times. Rewards the Spiked Crown costume.
  • Added Feather Mask costume to the event store. Updated the mask with an optional eye piece.
  • Added account unlock perks for collecting 10 of Unnerved Emote, Roar Transformation and Incantation Transformation.
  • Removed Emote store from vendor. Emotes and Transforms can be found as drops from the Colossus open missions.
  • Updated collection perks to unlock if you have collected the specific item.

Dev Store
  • Added Traffic Cone costume to Dev store.

  • Added Raptor Claw costume to the debugger store.


  • historiphilehistoriphile Posts: 57 Arc User
    Aww, I was so close to unlocking the account emote from last run. :(
  • Everything looks nice, liking the perks for emotes too really huge step! But I feel like 10 is too much, no one has time to grind 10 of those, specially if they're trying to get other things from the event.
  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 3,727 Arc User
    Since the event runs several times a year gratification will only be delayed, not denied.
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