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Returning player here

thestarpaladinthestarpaladin Posts: 8 Arc User
Howdy, y'all.

I had been playing Champions Online since 2011, but unfortunately; I hadn't been able to jump back on since the game removed Gold Subscriptions and went LTS. Simply put, I just hadn't had the money for LTS.

Now, I have been able to get a LTS and am eager to get back to playing. (maybe delete alts that I don't ever recall making or ones that are kinda bust)


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    ealford1985ealford1985 Posts: 3,582 Arc User
    Welcome back! You’ve made a good choice
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    jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 5,478 Arc User
    Lots of good help on the forums, especially if you are working on builds. LTS is a very good deal if you play the game a lot.
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    themightyzeniththemightyzenith Posts: 4,599 Arc User
    Welcome to the club :)
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    spookyspectrespookyspectre Posts: 637 Arc User
    Welcome back!! :)
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    sgtken60sgtken60 Posts: 252 Arc User
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    grd76grd76 Posts: 2 New User
    I am a returning player also from 2012 I hope they fixed patching issues cause last time I tried playing back in 2016 it wouldn't work.
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    grd76grd76 Posts: 2 New User
    Also it flags me as New User on the forums which I am not. Hope my chars are still here.
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