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Headwear that isn't, really...

n8mcdn8mcd Posts: 293 Arc User
edited March 25 in Costumes and Concepts
All helmets on the Head>Headwear menu should be moved or at least duplicated to the Body>Collar Menu. The reasoning for this is that these helmets, like the collars, are associated/bound to the torso geometry, not head geometry.

Also, the Sci-Fi Helmet menu stacks should be reorganized so that the base portion is on the first tier, and the second tier can be left blank (like Cyberlord), or given one of the current shapes (pointed, round), with texture (glass, metal, etc) provided as sub-options therein.

The various antenna options would then be an additional submenu based on the shape selection.

For the basic domes without the base, the multiple entries of the same size could be consolidated into one entry for each size/shape with texture options as sub-options, ideally adding some of the newer transparent textures in addition to the existing glass and standard options.
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