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New Concept - The Empath Archetype

blackvisionaryblackvisionary Posts: 1 Arc User
I would like to introduce to you a new powerset concept can be playable as supportive and solo-gamer type. New mentalist powerset that can be versatile with the current powersets and be applied to different freeform builds. Thank you for taking the time to checking it out.

The Empath Hero

Hybrid of Telepathy and Darkness

Empathic Core – Support/Balance Core

Your Ego Damage is increased by 40/60/80% (per rank). You Ego Damage is further increased against targets affected by Mental States by 10/15/20% (per rank). Whilst slotted, the effectiveness of healing output reduction effects such as Trauma is heal over time for yourself and team mates within 100ft of you.

Empathic Blast – Blast – Detonation – Single Target

Deals moderate Ego Damage to a target. Targets affected by Mental States have these ‘Detonated’ upon full charge for additional damage and effects (Fear turns into a Psychotic Break, Regret, & Dependency detonate into Despondency & Stress applies another stack of itself). Half charge Empathic Blasts refresh Mental States existing on targets that you have applied.
Advantage – Feel the Pain – This powers damage output is increased by 50% but it loses the ability to refresh Mental States.

Empathic Stupor – AoE Placate / Threat wipe combo (5 target cap)

When cast, you place foes in a state of enhanced calmness. This state causes them to ignore enemy presence for the duration of the Stupor effect (12/16/20 sec per rank). Their movement speed is decreased by 60% and their attack speed is also reduced by 40%. Additionally this power decreases target resistance to Crowd Control effect by 20/30/40% (per rank). If targets are damage directly, the threat wipe effect will be broken and the Crowd Control resistance debuff is wiped.
Advantage – Emotional Instability – Enemies who awake from this stupor will have one of the following Mental State applied to them: Fear, Stress, Dependency or Regret.

Absolute Fear – Maintained Cone (3 target cap)

Deals moderate Ego Damage per tick to all targets. Has a 30% chance per tick to apply Fear to targets. When fully maintained, all targets affected by Fear will suffer a Psychotic Break (stun effect.)
Advantage – Your Worst Nightmare – Feared targets who have recently suffered a Psychotic Break will affected by Night Terrors, which summons a small hallucination to attack the feared targets for minor damage.

Empathic Vampirism – Life drain Effect – Single Target

Deals moderate Ego Damage every 0.5 seconds and heals you. Has a small change to apply a Despondency to the target.
Advantage – Sharing is Caring – As long as a target is affected by a Mental State, your incoming healing will also extend to allies within 15ft of you. If the target is not affected by a Mental State, allies will only receive half of the incoming healing.

Empathic Inundation – Maintained PBAoE – 5 target cap

Deals moderate Ego Damage to targets within 25ft. Targets who are caught in the inundation are snared heavily and have Mental Weakness applied to them with the first tick of damage they receive. If fully maintained all affected targets will have random Mental States applied to them.

Empathic Anchor – Block Enhancer – Ally Defense

Generates an empathic construct which grants 300%/350%/410% resistance to Non-Physical Damage and 250%/300%/360% resistance to Physical Damage. It also increases your hold and knock resistance. Additionally, when activated and maintained for longer than one second, allies within 20ft will receive 40% of this additional resistance to knock and hold as well as resistance to damage. If they are blocking this as well is increased to 50%.


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