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Looking for MA/Darkness builds

lunacidelunacide Posts: 9 Arc User
The title says it all


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 10,433 Arc User
    Well, here's one way to go about it, utilizing Void Shift's Fear adv for melee and SReverb + Unarmed's attacks that can have a Dimensional portion:

    (Unnamed Build) - Freeform (Melee Damage)

    Super Stats
    Level 6: Dexterity (Primary)
    Level 10: Recovery (Secondary)
    Level 15: Constitution (Secondary)

    Level 1: The Chiller (Dex: 10, Con: 10, Rec: 8, End: 10)
    Level 6: Impresario (Dex: 5, Rec: 5)
    Level 9: Quick Recovery (Con: 5, Rec: 5)
    Level 12: Acrobat (Dex: 5, Con: 5)
    Level 15: Amazing Stamina (Rec: 5, End: 5)
    Level 18: Accurate (Dex: 5, End: 5)
    Level 21: Boundless Reserves (Con: 5, End: 5)

    Level 1: Shadow Bolt
    Level 1: Shadow Embrace (Rank 2, Draining Shadows)
    Level 6: Spirit Reverberation
    Level 8: Night Warrior (Rank 2, Rank 3, Silent Running)
    Level 11: Form of the Tempest
    Level 14: Dragon Kick (Spectral Dragon Tail, Dragon Rush)
    Level 17: Conviction (Rank 2, Rank 3)
    Level 20: Void Shift (Emerging Nightmares)
    Level 23: Burning Chi Fist (Rank 2, Rank 3, Ghostly Strikes)
    Level 26: Resurgence (Rank 2)
    Level 29: Ebon Void (Rank 2)
    Level 32: Shadow Shroud (Terrifying Visage)
    Level 35:
    Level 38:
    Adv. Points: 30/36

    Travel Powers
    Level 6:
    Level 35:

    Dexterity: Combat Training (3/3)
    Dexterity: Gear Utilization (2/3)
    Dexterity: Deadly Aim (3/3)
    Dexterity: Expose Weakness (2/2)
    Vindicator: Aggressive Stance (2/2)
    Vindicator: Merciless (3/3)
    Vindicator: Focused Strikes (3/3)
    Vindicator: Mass Destruction (2/3)
    Warden: Fortified Gear (3/3)
    Warden: Ruthless (2/2)
    Warden: Elusive (2/2)
    Warden: The Best Defense (3/3)
    Mastery: Dexterity Mastery (1/1)

    The open powers slots can be used for w/e ya want.

    Ebon Shift can keep Fear up in melee range, while your main single-target attack is charged BCF, and charged Dragon Kick can also provide AoE/CC and extra energy via Rush. SEmbrace gives you a decent ranged AoE attack that can also heal you a bit. You could try a different spec than Warden here as well, like Brawler or even Arbiter, but I would prob keep Vindicator if working w/ FotTempest. Gears mostly for Dex, w/ some Con and Rec (and some cost discount on gear).
    <CO docs> .: Petco :. // Base DPS Sheet (older power data) // PSA on Power Activation Delay // Ayonachan's Gift Horse (misc stat data)
    - Be safe and have fun, champs - for science!
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