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Looking For an English (GMT) Lifetime Supergroup

deathkn3llqdeathkn3llq Posts: 19 Arc User
Hello all... My real name is Damion, and I've been a Lifetime member since 2012.

I'm looking for a Semi Casual group (Most evenings) to group up and do Themed Missions (Like Whiteout and others) .. I like themed characters not batman builds.. so I tend to be a little squishy, and I cannot make it to completion on most Story-line Missions.. because the end boss always resets their health when I Die and Re-spawn. so im looking for a group of friends to join up and complete the quests...




  • rolhirarkonisrolhirarkonis Posts: 4 Arc User
    I'd be down for that. I also have trouble with those missions solo partly because I'm not great at the game and partly because I prefer style over function :)
  • savetheplanetnowsavetheplanetnow Posts: 46 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    How can I add you guys? I´m just 2 hours ahead of GMT. I also prefer style over function and I´m not a friend of clones.
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