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Field Testing the Archetype: The Mind AT

qawsadaqawsada Posts: 728 Arc User
This is more of my experience with the Archetype rather than an actual guide, but if you like to share your build and experience with the archetype, by all means. More knowledge about the archetype can benefit future players that bought or unlock these Archetype into their account, and it may help them become better players for it. With that said, lets get this started.

The Mind AT is a Support Archetype that uses the power of telepathy and telekinesis to heal, shield, and control everything around them. In terms of other Support Ats, they are THE Crowd Control of the bunch, while having a little specialization in single target healing. With that being said, lets go with their power line up.

Level 1 - Psi Lash - This is your generic energy builder. There not much to say about it other than it help build energy.

Level 1 - Ego Blast - This is your main attack if you’re not using any other powers at any other time. Using this power will debuff your enemies with Disorient, which will reduce the damage they can deal to you and your allies while slowing their movement.

Level 6 - Ego Sprites or Mental Leech - They’re both pretty great in their role. Ego Sprites is a spammable pbaoe that can turn into a self heal if you take the Slave Mentality adv. Mental Leech has Dependency, which can heal any allies, including you, if you’re near a foe suffering from Dependency. Both powers can be use while your target is asleep, which is really important for what you’re going to do as Kiga Dog Crowd Controller.

Level 8 - Aura of Radiant Protection - With this passive, you and your allies get a hefty resistance to all damage. This will making healing you and your allies a lot easier since everyone with this aura will take less damage. This an extremely useful passive that everyone would love in a cosmic fight, Open Mission, or a TA raid. Always max rank this passive and don’t cheap out on the adv pt. For some reason, mixing two AoRP with different rank or roles (Hybrid in particular) will break the buff and prevent blocking from working for you and all your allies.

Level 11 - Empathic Healing or Psionic Healing - These two healing powers are your main single target healing. Empathic Healing is a maintain heal that gets stronger the longer you pulse on one target, but its a bit slow in the pulsing and has a range of 50 ft. It comes with the Empathic Reverberation adv, which “transfer” some damage your ally target gets towards you, but you need to attack to transfer its power before that “transfer” damage hurts you. The other choice, Psionic Healing is a long range healing power that you can heal your target without maintaining. However, the initial heal from Psionic Healing is very weak, and you need to charge it to get a decent amount of heal from that power. If you manage to pull off the charge, it can heal the target’s health to full health. It has an AoE heal Adv, but its random. Either one of these healing power is fine, although I personally went with Empathic Healing due to the adv it offer.

Level 14 - Compassion - Compassion is your go-to toggle if you're going full healer mode. There isn't much else to say about this power except to get it to stack 8.

Level 17 - Ego Sleep - One of the most important Crowd Controlling power you have in your arsenal. This power can puts the target and any enemies around the said target to sleep, stopping their action at their track. A single hit that isn’t Ego Sprites or Mental Leech will wake them up, however. Sleep is very useful in cosmic fight that requires a CC, and it can help manage a crowd of mobs when needed. Ego Sleep is a great power to trigger Sentinel Mastery instantly.

Level 21 - Telekinetic Shield - This block power has one of the highest physical damage resistance out there, so max rank this for your own protection.

Level 25 - Ego Hold - This power simply paralyze your target. While it doesn’t seem much, its one of the contender that can trigger the Sentinel Mastery, and it can help with Ccing Qwyjibo if you don’t have a Psionic Accelerator handy.

Level 30 - Telepathic Reverberation - This energy unlock give you energy every time you use a hold power or disorient your target. Since you’re going to do this many times in your Mind AT career, its very noticeable.

Level 35 - Ego Storm or Summon Nightmare - Take Ego Storm. While the idea of summoning random pets seem like a nice idea, but Ego Storm is outright more useful in the long run. With the adv Malevolent Manifestation, it turns into a CC machine that you can use and forget. Any foes that runs into this power will get incapacitated.

Level 40 - Mindful Reinforcement - This powers applies shield to your allies. This could help leverage some incoming attack, but not by much. Its other effect, in which if the shield on the target isn’t depleted, it heals the target instead, is pretty decent as an apply and forget heal if that target isn’t getting hit to deplete said shield.

Here is a build I use, but you could build it anyway you wanted. I took Sentinel Mastery over Presence Mastery simply because how powerful this mastery is in a cosmic fight. With this mastery, you use a certain crowd control power on the target and any ally attacking said target will get heal in return. You can take Psionic Healing over Empathic Healing if you want a longer range heal and a bigger potential burst heal. You could also fully rank Empathic Healing instead of taking the Empathic Amplification adv. Some of the spec will turns your hold powers into debuffing powers.
The Mind AT - The Mind (Support)

Super Stats
Level 6: Presence (Primary)
Level 10: Endurance (Secondary)
Level 15: Ego (Secondary)

Level 1: The Mind (Int: 8, Ego: 10, Pre: 10, End: 10)
Level 7: Energetic (End: 8)
Level 12: Boundless Reserves (Con: 5, End: 5)
Level 15: Intimidating (Pre: 8)
Level 20: Prodigy (Pre: 5, End: 5)
Level 25: Diplomatic (Int: 5, Pre: 5)
Level 30: Shrug It Off (Con: 5, Pre: 5)

Level 1: Psi Lash
Level 1: Ego Blast
Level 6: Mental Leech (Rank 2, Rank 3, Challenge!)
Level 8: Aura of Radiant Protection (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 11: Empathic Healing (Rank 2, Empathic Amplification)
Level 14: Compassion
Level 17: Ego Sleep (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 21: Telekinetic Shield (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 25: Telepathic Reverberation
Level 30: Ego Hold (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 35: Ego Storm (Rank 2, Malevolent Manifestation)
Level 40: Mindful Reinforcement (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Adv. Points: 33/36

Travel Powers
Level 6:
Level 35:

Presence: Repurpose (2/3)
Presence: Selfless Ally (2/2)
Presence: Dominion (2/2)
Presence: Grandeur (2/3)
Presence: Vulnerability (2/2)
Sentinel: Torment (2/2)
Sentinel: Caregiver (2/3)
Sentinel: Sentinel Aura (3/3)
Sentinel: Wither (1/2)
Sentinel: Genesis (2/2)
Sentry: Fortified Gear (1/3)
Sentry: Precise (3/3)
Sentry: Sentry Aura (3/3)
Sentry: Stalling Tactics (3/3)
Mastery: Sentinel Mastery (1/1)

Healing Rotation
Cosmic Raid - While you might be able to heal the main tank, Psionic Healing or Empathic Healing isn't simply enough to solo heal the tank due to how tanks these day will deliberately take damage to hold aggro instead of blocking. You will need some help from some other healers to help manage heal to the Main tank and the party. If you can stay close to the Main tank, they might be able to get the Aura of Radiant Protection from you, making it a bit easier to heal the main tank. One of the reason why I take the adv on Empathic Healing is to help migrate damage from the tank to my healer. Here is a rotation I use when I heal in a cosmic:

Empathic Healing/Psionic Healing when needed > click use Ego Sleep to proc Sentinel Mastery > Dependency from Mental Leech.

A combination of Dependency from Mental Leech and Sentinel Mastery will help heal the raid in that cosmic fight. Here is an example of my Mind AT usage in the Kigatilik Fight.

Teleios Ascendant - For most of the fight, you're just Empathic Healing/Psionic Healing the main tank. Using both use Ego Sleep to proc Sentinel Mastery and Dependency from Mental Leech usually help heal both the main tank and the dps in your group. Use Mindful Reinforcement sparingly due to how energy hungry this power is. You should carry a Triumphant Recovery or a Pheniox Tear to self revive yourself if you happen to die in the lair. If you can get you hands on a Doomlord or Celestial Become, then that is super. Those two devices can help revive dead players since the Mind AT doesn't come with a resurrection power. Its worth noting that during the poison passing mini game in the final boss fight, using Mindful Reinforcement’s delay healing effect can help heal the poison carrier.

Gears and Mods
Because I'm cheap, I use the blue primary gears drop from the equipment box and bought the purple secondary gear on the side.

Regardless I would recommend the following if you're just starting out. Do note that the Secondary can be obtain from the Equipment box loot or the Champion Recognition Vendor:
  • Blue Tier/Fortuitous/Remarkable/Mercenary's Glove of Healing – x2 Presence 5 Enhancement/x1 Sentinel Brooch 5
  • Blue Tier/Fortuitous/Remarkable/Mercenary Breastplate of Greater Health – x2 Presence 5 Armoring/x1 Growth 5
  • Blue Tier/Fortuitous/Remarkable/Mercenary's Helmet of Speed – x1 Presence 5 Enhancement/x1 Presence 5 Armoring/x1 Sentinel Brooch 5

  • Transcendental Belt
  • Domineering Bracers
  • Friendly Eyepiece or Commanding Eyepiece

Crowd Control
For the most part, the Mind AT can be a Crowd Controller for both the Qwyjibo and Kigatilik cosmic fight. I’ll start with Kiga.

In a Kigatilik cosmic fight, a CC job is to control the four hounds. If left uncheck, their roar will buff Kiga while killing healers left and right. Your job is to dogsit these four hounds and making sure they stay controlled. If a dog successfully howls, this will wake up all other dog, and you don’t want this to happen. You also need to have their attention/aggro while you wake them up, hence why I would add one Challenge! Adv points on Mental Leech. If you took Ego Sprite, then you should take the Challenge! Adv on that power instead. There are also two phrases. The first phrase require killing the dogs. You CC them and one of the tank will try to grab the dog one by one. In the second phrase, you’re just keeping the dogs in place. With that being said, I’ll try my best to tell you to CC step by step:
Phrase 1:
1. Run up to the CCing spot (which is usually the area in front of Keelut) and use Ego Storm. Once Ego Storm is activated, immediately block. This will cause all the dogs to get incapacitated around you while the block prevent you from getting kill.
2. When swirly animation of Ego Storm is finish, find the dog that is the closest to all other dogs and use a fully charge Ego Sleep.
3. Use Mental Leech/Ego Sprite to grab their attention.
4. When the hold resistance disappear (its the yellow box) and the Sleep duration is around 5-10 second left, repeat to step one. I made a short video about this for visual purpose.

Phrase 2:
1. This gets a bit tricky. In this Phrase, Kiga will start attacking the highest aggroer around, which will be you. You either get a bunch of healers healing you or you get a pull tank and maybe one healer to heal you or the tank.
2a. If you use the Pull Tank method, have the Pull Tank go to the CCing spot and grab all the attention. From here, you Sleep or use the Psionic Accelerator on the dogs. When you think Kiga isn’t icing you to death, apply a fully charge sleep on the dogs if you’re using Psionic Accelerator.
2b. If you want to pull yourself, pray that the healers healing you will protect you. Go to the CCing spot, activate Ego Storm, and Block. When you think Kiga isn’t icing you to death, apply a fully charge sleep on the dogs.
3. At this point and if you’re not dead, congratulation, it gets easier from here!
4. While the dog is sleep, apply Mental Leech/Ego Sprite as much as you can until all the dogs' aggro is on you.
5. When the hold resistance disappear (its the yellow box) and the Sleep duration is around 5-10 second left, use Ego Storm, let the animation finish, then use a Fully Charge Sleep.
6. Heal/Shield/Mental Leech/Ego Sprite yourself when necessary. Your health will get depleted while the fight with Kiga goes on
7. Rinse and repeat.
I will post this video again as a demonstration.

You can also look at the Kiga section of this guide for some guidance. Cosmic Monster Thread.

In a Qwyjibo cosmic fight, a CC’s job is to control the glowy crystal, dub the Hearts, to prevent it from healing Qwyjibo. There are two ways to cc the ape as a Mind Archetype, the easy way, or the painful way. The CCing start when Qwyjibo’s HP is about 2/3. Before you read ahead, I suggest you read the Cosmic Monster Thread and reading Qwyjibo specifically to get an idea how to CC Qwyjibo.

For the Easy Way, get the Psionic Accelerator from the Drifter NPC, the Auction House, or from a player. From here, Target one of the hearts from either side of Qwyjibo and apply Ego Sleep onto that heart. From here, go to the corner of Qwyjibo's butt and aim the Psionic Accelerator in a way that it will hit two hearts at the same time. Use Ego Sleep or Ego Hold when one of the hearts wake up. Thank you @carrionbaggage for this following image example.

Painful Way exist for those that don't have the Psionic Accelerator. I will name three of those hearts: Fortitude, Tenacity, and Courage. You can switch to any of the hearts around for your rotation, but I’ll be using specific hearts in these step. If you need a refresher in regards to the heart placement, just look at this image.
1. Use Ego Storm to incapacitated Tenacity.
2. Try to get in range of Fortitude and use a fully charge Ego Sleep.
3. Try to run to Courage and use a fully charge Ego Hold.
4. Quickly get back to Tenacity and apply a fully charge Sleep. At this point, Qwyjibo should be using his AoE.
5. Head to Courage and apply Ego Sleep when the Paralyze timer is between 0-4 second. Any more and your sleep will NOT work.
6. Check to see if both Fortitude or Tenacity’s sleep duration fell off.
7. Go to where Tenacity is located right before the another Qwyjibo’s giant AoE happen. This will respawn the heart.
8. Go to Step one.


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