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Monster Island Lore

I'm working on a Ka-zarish character that will live in Monster Island and protect it against Viper and other criminal organizations. I was wondering if there's other super-heroes residing there, and what origin stories would be plausible according to lore.

@bulgarex any piece of info you can share to help me out?

I was also researching Primus Database for inspiration, and found this page: http://primusdatabase.com/index.php?title=Jangala
Sadly, the character is deceased, but I could use it as an opportunity to "fill the void" in the Monster Island super-hero department.

Thanks in advance :)


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,139 Arc User
    Hmm.... well, lore-wise there are no superheroes permanently residing on Monster Island, and never any native-born ones. The island itself didn't even exist beyond a few minor reefs before the Qularr raised the sea bed to form the island as the beachhead for their first invasion force in 1965. OTOH some international scientist superheroes visit Monster Island with the sanction or at the request of the United Nations or Japan's Bureau 17, to conduct research on the monsters or the island's Qularr technology, and/or to help contain the giant monsters and other threats on the island.

    Of the various agencies at work on MI, I would say the Qularr would be the likeliest to provide an origin. The motivation for their original invasion was to find the genetic key to imbuing in themselves humanity's superior capacity to manifest super powers, and that remains their primary goal. The Qularr on Monster Island have abducted and enslaved some humans, using brainwashing techniques and mind-controlling spores, and while not specifically mentioned in the Monster Island source book there's every reason to suspect the Qularr to be performing genetic experiments on them.
  • brfabeirasbrfabeiras Posts: 182 Arc User
    Hmm... Qularr abduction sounds nice to me. How feasible would be a small group of humans managing to escape from their captivity and keep living at Monster Island like an isolated tribe?

    I think the idea of residing in MI makes more sense if there's a group of people for my super-hero to protect.
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,139 Arc User
    edited October 2019
    It's not impossible to justify. A few relatively ordinary people are residing on Monster Island apart from the factions there, for various reasons. Celebrity zoologist Dr. Janice Sellers is working to document the captivity and hunting of the Monster Island manimals by ARGENT, and is pressuring UNTIL to do more to help them. Henry Lee is an industrialist whose company ARGENT wants to acquire, whom they kidnapped and "turned loose" in their MI hunting preserve to terrify him into signing his company over to them, and not testify to the authorities. There's also a castaway who's been stuck in the Lemurian sector for years, a wealthy adventurer named Hank Crusoe (yeah, I know) whose airplane crashed on its way to MI. He's not only had to dodge the dangerous beasts of the island, but also the Lemurians who harass him for amusement.

    Humans are captured not just by the Qularr, but also by the Elder Worm as sacrifices or to turn into helminths (a transitional phase between Human and Worm with qualities of both). So there could certainly be a number of escapees. The trick would be explaining why they would remain on the island after UNTIL or Bureau 17 contact them.

    If you want your character to have someone to protect, the free manimals of New Gornyj would be a more easily justifiable alternative. That colony was established to help liberate the manimals being exploited by Dr. Moreau, ARGENT, and VIPER, a cause worthy of a hero. It would be even easier to rationalize a connection to the beast-men if your character gained powers from Moreau's experiments but was rescued by them. Genetically-implanted animal characteristics and abilities would suit a pseudo-Ka-Zar. ;)
  • brfabeirasbrfabeiras Posts: 182 Arc User
    Being experimented by Moreau is definitely interesting, and in fact would help me justify a lot of stuff I have in mind right now.
    Thanks a lot, bulgarex, extremely helpful as always! :)
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