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Chest Beam + Laser Sword

jaysankjaysank Posts: 44 Arc User
I made a post earlier today, but after I edited a spelling error in the body, it was removed. So I'm posting it again.

I first got the idea when I was going through raw DPS values based on the tooltips. I noticed that Chest Beam's DPS was comparable to or better than other cylinder powers like Gigabolt and Typhoon. Chest Beam also applies it's own debuff and had the super cool Point Blank advantage that ostensibly increased the damage further. When looking to optimize damage, I noticed there was another easily applied debuff, Disintegrate. And then the build developed. Here's the backbone of the build.

Chest beam build - Freeform (Any / Multiple)

Super Stats
Level 6: Ego (Primary)
Level 10: Dexterity (Secondary)
Level 15: Recovery (Secondary)

Level 1: Quick Trigger (Dex: 12, Ego: 12)
Level 6: Indomintable (Ego: 8)
Level 9: Shooter (Dex: 5, Ego: 5)
Level 12: Ascetic (Con: 5, Ego: 5)
Level 15: Academics (Int: 5, Ego: 5)
Level 18: Worldly (Ego: 5, Rec: 5)
Level 21: Daredevil (Ego: 5, End: 5)

Level 1:
Level 1: Lightspeed Strike (Rank 2, Particle Acceleration)
Level 6: Unified Theory
Level 8: Concentration
Level 11: Lightwave Slash (Light Mend, Download)
Level 14: Conviction (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 17: Quantum Stabilizer (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 20: Chest Beam (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 23: Lock N Load (Two Smoking Barrels)
Level 26:
Level 29:
Level 32:
Level 35:
Level 38:
Adv. Points: 22/36

Travel Powers
Level 6:
Level 35:

Ego: Insight (3/3)
Ego: Aggression (2/2)
Ego: Follow Through (3/3)
Ego: Sixth Sense (2/3)
Vindicator: Aggressive Stance (2/2)
Vindicator: Merciless (3/3)
Vindicator: Modified Gear (2/2)
Vindicator: Mass Destruction (3/3)
Guardian: Fortified Gear (3/3)
Guardian: Ruthless (2/2)
Guardian: Find the Mark (2/3)
Guardian: The Best Defense (3/3)
Mastery: Ego Mastery (1/1)


The rest of the powers can be filled with an Active Defense, heals, or other utility powers. Unfortunately, the Point Blank advantage doesn't work, but Chest Beam deals plenty of damage otherwise.

The only power decisions worth noting are the Active Offense and Passive. Lock n' Load's Two Smoking Guns advantage has synergies with the melee powers in this build, so I highly recommend it. Passive wise, either Quantum Stabilizer or Electric Form give the best damage. I went with Quantum for the all-damage resist and knock resist. Composure is also a decent choice if you want more dodge chance, even if it deals slightly less damage. I didn't look into Night Warrior or Targeting Computer, but they might be fine.

The rotation for damage is Fully charge Chest Beam, Lightspeed Strike Combo to apply Disintegrate, then Lightwave Slash to apply Download, then fully charge Chest Beam twice. Refresh Disintegrate/Download with Lightwave Slash. It's kinda annoying, since Download only lasts 10 seconds, but as long as you stay in melee range to do the Slash, it should be fine.

Gearing wise, all points should go into ego. This, combined with the equilibrium from Recovery secondary superstat, the energy from Concentration and Unified Theory, and the discount from Ego's Insight Specialization, gives enough energy to do the above combo without needing to use the energy builder. That's with R6 Ego mods and Heroic gear.

And that's it. If you have any suggestions or critiques, I absolutely appreciate it, but I'm more posting this because I found something kinda cool with a power I don't see that often.


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 10,097 Arc User
    Well, it's often not efficient nor convenient to use a melee power to debuff for a ranged build. Ofc, Laser Sword builds can be made w/ Chest Beam's debuff added into the mix, but that's a bit different than what you're proposing here. It'd also be annoying on trash if you want to avoid KBs w/ Chest Beam, but also contending w/ the melee powers not procing your toggle/form. I guess you could take a wider, non-KB ranged AoE for that, though. Also keep in mind that Unified Theory scales mostly w/ End, and not Rec.

    I may just stick to a pure ranged build for anything centering around Chest Beam, and there's a few ways to go about that as well, depending a bit on stats and energy management. But if this approach is working for you, then have at it.

    Also, as far as I can tell w/ quick testing, Chest Beam's Point Blank adv does seem to work, at least on the PTS. I'm not sure what the dmg bonus is w/ the buggy tooltip, so maybe that's off, but mechanically it does cause the attack to deal more dmg the closer you are.
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  • vonqballvonqball Posts: 706 Arc User
    It would be nice to have a cosmic-sized dummy in the PH to test advantages like "point blank". I read somewhere that the 2gm version wasn't behaving as advertised vs big targets.
  • jaysankjaysank Posts: 44 Arc User
    Also, as far as I can tell w/ quick testing, Chest Beam's Point Blank adv does seem to work

    I was on live, so it might be a bit different. On the PH testing dummies, it dealt more damage as I got closer (not quite up to 20% like rank 3 does). When I got as close as possible, the damage bonus went back to just rank 2 damage numbers. I might test it again, because it was a while ago.
    Well, it's often not efficient nor convenient to use a melee power to debuff for a ranged build

    I naturally gravitate towards clunky, borderline unworkable ideas by nature for some reason. I made a build that tries to put all points into Recovery, and it used Fiery Will as the form, but I insisted on using Infernal Supernatural for the DPS powers. The only way to stack the form were Will O' the Wisp and Flashfire, and it's a nightmare to actually keep form stacks up. I think I might like torturing myself with my own builds.
    I read somewhere that the 2gm version wasn't behaving as advertised vs big targets.

    I just assume that all advantages like this simply don't work, but I admit it's been a while since I tested it.
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