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Turning off ring of light

So I noticed that both Defender and Ladyhawke have this light ring around them. (Defender's appeared with his new look.) So are they supposed to be holograms now?

Is there any way we can turn those off? I didn't see any choice in the HUD options.
- John Battle (aka David 2)

Battlerock Comics


  • avianosavianos Posts: 4,880 Arc User
    edited October 8
    They are not Holograms, this effect exist to highlight and distinguish that they are important NPCs with important missions in order to get player's attention

    The Event Vendors also have the Light Circle around them​​
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  • speanozspeanoz Posts: 71 Arc User
    As for a method of disabling it, I can't imagine that is something that you can do in-game. You'll likely need to tamper with graphical files, which is generally a no-no itself.
  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 7,981 Arc User
    Is there any way we can turn those off?
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