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FC.31.20190810.12 - Misc Changes

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,848 Cryptic Developer

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Power Changes

Havoc Stomp
  • Slightly increased base damage and cost.

Brute Force
  • If you are at 3 stacks of this effect, triggering this effect will refresh existing stacks.

  • Increased damage absorption.
  • Added Hold resistance.

Blindside Advantage
  • Now works on the next 3 times you damage an enemy.

Bug Fixes
  • Mechanical Monstrosity: Fixed a bug where chain lightning could hit players. Fixed duration.
  • Endbringer's Grasp: Fixed casting location. Fixed rank cooldown.
  • Fractal Aegis: Fixed rank cooldown.
  • Power Chord: Fixed advantage not applying.
  • Warcry: Really fixed rank stacking.
  • Defiance: Fixed R1 stacking.
  • Endorphin Rush: Fixed stat scaling.
  • Retaliation: Fixed internal cooldown. Fixed buff being consumed be self damaging effects.
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