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FC.31.20190810.5 - Bug Fixes

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,848 Cryptic Developer

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  • Haymaker: Fixed a bug with the damage bonuses on this power.
  • Unleashed Rage: Fixed a bug where it was dealing double damage.
  • Havoc Stomp: Fixed a bug where the Reckless advantage was not triggering.
  • Shockwave: Fixed damage scaling.
  • Warcry: Fixed a bug where ranks of this power were not applying multiple stacks.
  • Unstoppable: Fixed a bug where this passive was still granting energy when knocking targets.
  • Mighty Leap: Fixed Stun values.
  • Aggressor: Fixed advantage not triggering.
  • Retaliation: Fixed a bug where some dots would consume the buff.
  • Ice Barrier: Fixed a bug where the heal was still being added per barrier.

Defensive Combo
  • The shield effect now takes into account your damage resistances.
  • Increased shield duration to 5 seconds.

  • Changed innate effect to knock down instead of applying Reckless.
  • Removed Pummel advantage.
  • New Advantage (2): Applies Reckless to you on the last hit. Refreshes Reckless if you have 3 stacks.

  • New Advantage (2): Refreshes the duration of Demolish.

  • Changed charge time to 1.17 seconds (from 1.33). Changed activation time to .83 seconds (from 0.67). This was done to line up the activation time with the animations.
  • Damage and cost has been adjusted for the new activation time.
  • Slightly increased base damage.
  • New Advantage (2): Fully charging this power applies Reckless to you. Refreshes Reckless if you have 3 stacks.

  • New Advantage (2): Applies Demolish to target if target is Disoriented.

  • The shield effect no longer takes into account your damage resistance.

Power Chord
  • Increased activation period to 0.5 seconds (from 0.3).
  • Damage and cost adjusted based on the change.
  • Maintain damage now scales based on your Enrage stacks.
  • No longer provides a scaling damage bonus while maintaining.
  • Now properly applies Disorient when fully maintained.
  • Increased knock back distance significantly.
  • Changed damage to melee typed.
  • Rock Concert advantage: Exhilarate has been changed to apply a charge speed bonus and energy to nearby players.
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