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can't access second Deathrattle Mission.

moira66moira66 Posts: 56 Arc User
Why can't I access the second Deathrattle Mission when I have already completed the first?

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  • kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 3,089 Cryptic Developer
    If your character did the first mission and wasn't logged in again until the second mission released, there's an issue where the wait timer on them may have reset. Wait another day since you last logged in that character and try to grab the mission.​​
  • bullseye8bullseye8 Posts: 21 Arc User
    Kaizerin, I've got this problem on alot of different characters. Some have done the first mission, some have never done the mission. Waiting hasn't fixed the problem. I've tested this on various days and have waited over a week in some cases. My guess (and only a guess) if that if you didn't take the mission as it came out, you can't do it at all.
  • kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 3,089 Cryptic Developer
    What level are the characters?​​
  • bullseye8bullseye8 Posts: 21 Arc User
    The characters I checked are Lvl 12, 25, 30. I haven't gone through all of them. Some other characters such as Lvl 22, 30, 40 can. Let me know if you need more information.
  • fermifermi Posts: 117 Arc User
    I have discovered that running through the series again will often provide instant unlocks for the next. I had done the third once and wanted to do it again but it didn't seem to be popping... just the first. So I did the first again and when I turned it in was offered the second right away on the spot, and when I turned the second in was offered the third right away. Yes, I know that doing all of them over again may seem like a hassle, but it seems to work for me.
  • bullseye8bullseye8 Posts: 21 Arc User
    fermi, I cannot even do the first episode with some characters: it's just not available. I cannot do the first again because I can't do it the first time with some characters.
  • kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 3,089 Cryptic Developer
    edited August 2019
    Minimum level for the first two missions is 10. Minimum level for the third mission is 20.
    They must be played in sequence to access the next mission, with a 24 wait time between them for the first play through.

    After completing them the missions become repeatable after 24 hours, but must be played in sequence (ie you cannot just take mission 2, you must first do mission 1 and so on). The repeatable versions do not have a wait time in between missions, but when completing them they will go on standard 20 hour cooldown.
  • farginaut#6835 farginaut Posts: 14 Arc User
    edited February 2021
    Where can I find a list of all of the missions in this series in order and who gives them?
    Location of where they are given would also be helpful.
    Last one I did was the "Hding" one in Vibora Bay. Is that the last one so far or are there more?

    Thank you
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