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Sorcery build

gulian#8810 gulian Posts: 33 Arc User
edited July 14 in Builds and Roles
So, another idea that sprung into my mind recently. It doesn't matter much in which role this build would be used, hybrid or support. I don't know if I can quite explain the aim of this build, but it is for all intents and purposes a support. I suppose the idea is that you stack as much intellect as possible, which boosts every aspect of your character, because Seraphim converts it into bonus healing, presence mastery converts it into bonus critical chance, Manipulator converts it into bonus damage.

Manipulator is stacked by Hex of Suffering, which stuns and roots the target every couple of seconds, which also increases the damage said target takes by 20% and heals people for attacking it. You have Arcane Vitality to keep your tank up, Conviction to keep yourself up and so on and so forth. I imagine you would mostly stack critical severity which simultaneously boosts your damage and your heals.

But I suppose the general concept is to be a versatile magic user and control the battlefield so that it swings in the favor of your allies. In case you might need to perform heavy CC duty, you can switch out to presence gear for maximum hold strength and switch out Crashing Incantation for something like Grasping Shadows, or any ability that might be recommended.

I suppose the drawback of this build would be the lack of self-rez, but that's a price you have to pay for trying to do several things at once (which I love doing in my builds). Open to suggestions on how you could enhance this build without losing sight of the concept.

(Unnamed Build) - Freeform (Any / Multiple)

Super Stats
Level 6: Presence (Primary)
Level 10: Intelligence (Secondary)
Level 15: Constitution (Secondary)

Level 1:
Level 6:
Level 9:
Level 12:
Level 15:
Level 18:
Level 21:

Level 1: Eldritch Bolts
Level 1: Conjuring
Level 6: Eldritch Shield (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 8: Skarn's Bane (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 11: Manipulator
Level 14: Arcane Vitality (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 17: Hex of Suffering (Rune of Lethargy, Rune of Dismay)
Level 20: Soul Beam (Rank 2, Rank 3, Accelerated Metabolism)
Level 23: Conviction (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 26: Seraphim (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 29: Masterful Dodge
Level 32: Imbue
Level 35: Redemption
Level 38: Crashing Incantation (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Adv. Points: 35/36

Travel Powers
Level 6: Phase Out (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 35: Aethyric Incantation

Presence: Repurpose (3/3)
Presence: Dominion (2/2)
Presence: Moment of Glory (3/3)
Presence: Force of Will (2/2)
Overseer: Administer (1/3)
Overseer: Ruthless (2/2)
Overseer: Impact (2/2)
Overseer: Trapped (3/3)
Overseer: Enhanced Gear (2/3)
Sentinel: Torment (2/2)
Sentinel: Eternal Spring (2/2)
Sentinel: Caregiver (1/3)
Sentinel: Moment of Need (3/3)
Sentinel: Wither (2/2)
Mastery: Sentinel Mastery (1/1)



  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 9,713 Arc User
    edited July 14
    Another Seraphim build? Eh, alright..

    I suppose this is another dps-support build. Likely something that's more Pres-based would be better at Support, and obv your dps capabilities will still be hamstrung as Support. The build can be okay, still, depending on the goals and content. Regardless, I prob would nix the Accel Metab adv so you have 2 points to get a normal adv somewhere (maybe ranking the ally res). You could provide more AoE CC w/ the stun adv on Skarn's Bane, but that's assuming in combat you spend more time dps'ing than healing, and I'm not sure what you'll be defaulting to in this build. Manip's main boost is to CC, regardless, while Spellcaster or Conc would provide more of a dps boost for the Int investment.

    As long as you have self-res devices, you can be fine there, though if not then I wouldn't put Imbue as a high priority here, if you needed a free power slot.
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  • gulian#8810 gulian Posts: 33 Arc User
    Well, I guess the general idea is that you just keep Wither and Trapped up on the boss at all times because Hex of Suffering keeps reapplying a root and a stun with every tick. That's also why I didn't really take stun on Skarn's Bane, my logic being that I'd want to use Hex of Suffering anyway, which will apply a stun every second anyway. My gripe is that it'd stack hold resistance too fast too, unless there's something I don't understand about how Hex of Suffering works.

    Also, yeah I can take something like AoED or AoPM, but then I would actually have to stack presence because I don't really have any additional source of healing power, which means my critical strike chance suffers, which means then I have to take Iniquity, since it gives a lot of healing and doesn't care about crits anyway. That's kind of my logic here, I guess.

    What content would you say this build would be sufficient in? Also, yep good advice on the Accel Metab, boosting the rez is much better. I'm kind of hoping it'd be able to heal through TA at least in support role. Cosmics should be fine, probably, as long as he isn't the only healer around.
  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 9,713 Arc User
    Trapped can be refreshed w/ Hex's root adv, but the stun adv doesn't continuously apply stun for Wither (or Sent Mastery) to be rolled that way- it only does it on application. So against higher ranked foes you won't have too high uptime on all your debuffs (partly due to Hex's cd), but at least you'll have some uptime there, and it'll be higher on trash that's lower-rank. Up to you if getting higher uptime is a priority or not. As for the Skarn's stun: it allows you to chain-lockdown trash better than Hex alone, again cause of the cd on Hex (also gives you another way to roll Wither/Sent Mastery, though you wouldn't be using Soul Beam or other powers then).

    The build can prob do fine in most content, though it somewhat depends on the group and what other roles/aspects are being filled. I wouldn't generally encourage bringing hybrid playstyles to Cosmics, but at least Seraphim's aura isn't that important either way. As long as you think you'd have the hps to keep up in Support role then you can still contribute well as a basic healer/reser and semi-debuffer, assuming you know the fights enough to stay alive.
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