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Alternate Archetype Concepts

zamuelpwezamuelpwe Posts: 652 Arc User
Hello! This is a thread for alternate default concepts for the game's ATs. It is inspired by the old Costume A Day thread from 2013 where the community banded together and made 365 costumes for others to use. For most of mine, I did alternate ATs with the personal handicap of only using free pieces. The passing of time has hit that thread with forum changes, the Photobucket apocalypse, and a revamped tailor so a lot of the thread submissions are gone or work weird. Thus I'm restarting my own contributions starting with the Icicle and roughly moving forward in chronological order. Along the way I'll be reposting the ones I already made as I make sure some are working while others I adjust. A few were samey while others used Viking parts but that free giveaway has long ended and thus those costumes break my self imposed limit.

So here we are with the Icicle. First departure from how I used to do things is that the new ones will only use the AT name rather than try to come up with an original name for them. If anyone was using them as a template, it's not like they'd be using that name. For this, I felt it best to do something firmly in the tights category both due to the game's superheroics and the fact that as soon as the next outfit I'll easily have room to branch out to other concepts.
Costume-Zamuel-Now-Icicle-CC-Comic-Page-Blue-615696584.jpg Costume-Zamuel-Now-Icicle-CC-Comic-Page-Blue-615697194.jpg
"Interesting builds are born from limitations not by letting players put everything into one build."



  • zamuelpwezamuelpwe Posts: 652 Arc User
    Next up is the Predator. I was inspired by the actual icon of the AT but I wanted to play with asymmetry. It's also the one default look that's outright bad as opposed to just something I wanted to do an alternate take for.
    THNSLAJ.jpg ZH16FgF.jpg
    Costume-Zamuel-Now-Predator-CC-Comic-Page-Blue-616298113.jpg Costume-Zamuel-Now-Predator-CC-Comic-Page-Blue-616298203.jpg
    "Interesting builds are born from limitations not by letting players put everything into one build."

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