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New player looking for a supergroup

believeinsteve1believeinsteve1 Posts: 6 Arc User
I am looking for a super group though to call home for as long as I play this game. I want to enjoy it and boot it up every day but being lonely, nobody to chat with about it, maybe bounce questions off and just goof around with makes it a bit lonely. I've asked in zone chat for the starting city if any are recruiting but no responses.

Feel free to add me on steam, I may ask who you are and what you want, but that's only because I'm genuinely curious. I have the F2P archetypes, impulse, invincible, and hexslinger, and devastator. Tossing up getting another but I want to get as close to 40 as possible before grabbing another if I can help it just so I have a bit more knowledge about what I want.

If you want to reach out to me in-game it'd be better to add my steam here

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